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Friday, March 31, 2006
Yay for babies!
So excited! Today I get to meet a new member of the family for the first time.

I'm visiting with my cousin "A", and going to the movies with her. We're taking her daughter (who is 3) to see the new Ice Age movie. "A" just had a baby boy in January, but due to a couple of factors (work, 50 minutes distance, etc) I haven't been able to meet him yet!

The only bad part? Jason has our digital camera halfway across the world with him right now, so I can't take oodles of pics of the new little guy.

O well, should be fun!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006
so sweet
I had a really busy day at work today. Not only did I have to file a report, I was the emcee for a huge luncheon for business women. Had lots of fun, and came back to the newsroom to find a big package waiting on my desk.

Inside... a beautiful bouquet of tulips and a note from my husband. "I Miss You. Love, Jason"
I love this man. And I miss him, too.

Monday, March 27, 2006
I miss my husband.
I seriously am feeling quite depressed. My husband is out of the country on business... he's been gone for a week, and he won't be home for another two weeks.

It's very odd, because I feel so lonely, even though I haven't been alone much at all. I have spent lots of time with friends and family. I've had family stay over nights and I have my two dogs and alarm there for security. But I truly feel like a big chunk of me is just... missing.

I miss little things, like linking my leg over his during the night. I miss chatting while we watch our favorite TV shows. I miss how he plays absently with my hair while we cuddle on the couch. I miss how he always manages to fall asleep while I read in bed, with his head on my lap. I miss his smile, and I miss his cute butt, too. :)

I always knew that I loved my husband, but this has forced me to consider what it would be like if we weren't together... like if we ever separated , or if one of us passed away. It's not a good feeling, and I have a deeper appreciation of our relationship now. I just want him home.

Miss you, baby.

Thursday, March 23, 2006
I love you, Ann Taylor Loft
Seriously, you know how some stores just have clothes that (gasp!) FIT YOUR BODY? I am loving Ann Taylor Loft right now. Especially their pants. As a woman who is 5 foot 2 on a very good day, most pants just hang on the ground, pooling around my feet.

These clothes? They come in PETITE sizes. Sizes that fit my stomach, my butt, and my stubby little legs just right. Yay! I got a couple of pants and shirts today, and I'm in happy shopper heaven.

On another topic... glad that Kevin "Chicken Little" got voted off Idol last night. And can I mention that I called in on Tuesday and voted for Chris Daughtry once (ok, more like 5 times. I was bored, allright? And just slightly obsessed. Good lord he's a hottie.)

That's all for now! Later. :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006
Why do people do what they do?
I am so sad and angry right now. A very close family member, who I love dearly, gave me some very sad news today. She and her husband are separating, and eventually divorcing.

The clincher? She just had a baby two months ago. Turns out her husband has been CHEATING on her with a coworker since right after she got pregnant. She found out about it, halfway thru the pregnancy, and tried to work it out with him. However, he decided to carry on with the affair.

Now, he says he doesn't really care about the marriage, and wants to focus on himself. So so selfish. I am livid. My wonderful family member is now a 31 year old single mother to 2 great kids. He is a scumbag, in my humble opinion. How can some people be so selfish? That is all, for now.

Friday, March 10, 2006
Good lord, we watch too much television.
So my hubby Jason is a CPA. Works as a senior auditor for a big corporation in Baltimore. And at the end of this month, he's leaving for three weeks (*gasp*) for a business trip to India and China. Although I have about 1% knowledge of what he actually does, he essentially is going to be auditing the company's manufacturing locations in those two countries.

Anyway, last night he tells me that he's been given some major power while on this trip. In China, the company COO has given him carte blanche to FIRE anyone who he discovers is doing anything wrong or fraudulent. Pretty impressive. So picture this conversation we had, which happened while we were watching the American Idol elimination show.

JASON: So he says I can fire anyone, no questions asked.

KELLY: Wow, honey. That's some power.

JASON: So picture it... I'll line them up and have them stand in two rows. I'll go through the back line first. "Chen, you submitted an expense report late. I commented that you should have been more punctual. Somebody's going home, and Chen... you are safe."

Now on to Lee... "Lee, you really hit it out of the park last night. I told you that Iwas really impressed with your hard work. Lee... you may sit down. You are safe."

"Now to Sying. Sying, not your best performance. You've stolen from the company and fucked up the whole operation. Also, if you'd picked a better song to sing while commiting the fraud, that would've made it a lot better. One person going hom today... and Sying...... ...... ..... you're fired." (insert Donald Trump voice and hand gesture here.) (add karate move for good measure)

KELLY: (laughing) You're terrible.

JASON: Then you're fired (hand gesture) too!

So you wonder, is my husband actually WANTING to fire people? I don't think so. But come to think of it, he was walking around all night muttering the Trump line. "You're fired. You're fired. You're fired." (complete with hand gesture. And using other hand to smash his hair into a god awful comb-over)

Power... coupled with the evil meanness of American Idol and the Apprentice. It's a potent thing. Wonder if my husband will get his ass kicked in China... beaten by these people who don't get our reality TV humor. Anyway, gotta run... I tivo'd Survivor and I need to watch it. (Hey, maybe he should offer immunity to one of them too?? Good idea!)

Thursday, March 09, 2006
Who's going home?
I've said before that I'm an American Idol addict. But this season is sort of getting boring. There are a few really good singers, but the girls especially are driving me crazy. I just don't think many of them really have that star quality.

Anyway, now that I am a certifiable dork, why not post my predictions of (drumroll please) WHO IS LEAVING THE SHOW TONIGHT! Two guys and two girls have to go. My guesses:

1. Melissa McGhee. She has a good voice, but it didn't sound too great on Tuesday.
2. Kinnik Sky. Same deal, except she was worse than Melissa.

1. Will Makar. He is a pretty good singer, but he just doesn't have the same spark as others.
2. Gedeon McKinney. Good singer, but this boy is weird. Did you see his video? WEIRD.

My faves are still Katharine, Chris, & Taylor. I've also grown to love Elliott too. Can't wait to watch tonight!

Dork-girl, out.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Yes, you're in the right place.
I changed my template. I dunno about you, but I was finding the other one a little hard to read.

But it's still the same old me, just with a little face lift!