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Monday, October 29, 2007
night owl
Bah. I spoke too soon. The Boy fought hard tonight when I tried to put him to bed. Much yowling, howling, and shrieking ensued (he did most of it). In the end, I gave up and just held him for a while, and he looked around with wide-open eyes and gave me some sweet little grins and even kisses. I think he's learning how to kiss. He'll put his hand on my cheek and lean in, mouth wide open, until his lips touch mine and he can drool on me.* So sweet, especially when you think that he was screaming like a demon child five minutes earlier.

Anyway, I finally got him into bed at 11. Better late than never, I suppose! And now I am here, holding my breath and typing verrry quietly, hoping that he'll sleep for a good long chunk of time.

*Oh my God, I have become such a.... mother. To think that I'd ever regard someone depositing drool on my mouth as being remotely cute! Am hopeless. Hopelessly infatuated, I think.


Blogger Erika said...

We just now got to the kissing stage a couple of months ago. Evan will kiss anything (books, stuffed animals, food) on demand except Mommy and Daddy. When we do get kisses, they are mouth wide open, head tilted to the side with determination, wet kisses. I don't know where he learned that (probably tv), but it is awesome.

Blogger L Sass said...

Oh man, I hope Aiden starts sleeping soon (for your sake). Hope he keeps on kissing, though!

Blogger Rachel said...

Those open mouthed kisses are soooo cute!

Yep, you're hopeless. Might as well give up.

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