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Monday, November 05, 2007
Good ol' days
Preface: Blogger is really pissing me off. It is insisting on publishing my posts without any spaces between paragraphs. I am fighting this issue daily... and I'm about to jump ship. Grrr.
Anyway, whew. Glad ya'll liked the hair. (Must get validation from internets to feel good about self. Does this make me pathetic? Don't answer that!) I was pretty nervous to dye it myself, but I figured it would be fun and worst case, I could always have it professionally corrected. But it is quite a change; one that I'm still getting used to. It's fun now to have the freedom to try new things (I had to play it pretty consistent and conservative before when I was anchoring the news).
On another topic... anyone ever have anything like this when you were growing up?
It's a toy farm set. I used to have a toy farm setup as a kid, and boy, did I love it. The barns, the fences, the little plastic animals... it was great! Of course, all of my animals had personalities, talked, and a few were even involved in love triangles. Think "As the Farm Turns" or "The Bull and the Beautiful."
I spent so many hours playing with that farm. Maybe it was a way to express a bit of my tomboyish side. Sure, I had tons of Barbies (which, coincidentally, were mostly headless, thanks to my dog who liked eating Barbie brains) and loved all the Disney Princess movies. But my farm was fun! Perhaps this was also because I grew up riding horses and joined 4-H as a kid. But regardless of the reason, I sure did get a lot of enjoyment out of that toy.
I really hope that Aiden likes "playing farm" when he gets a little older. My mom already has her eye on a beautiful handcrafted toy farm set at the local Amish market. It's gorgeous and HUGE, with all the stables and fences made of carved wood, with amazing detailing. Heck, I hope we get it someday so I can play again! I'm actually a little excited just thinking about it! :) Isn't that one great thinkg about having kids? You get to relive your childhood over again!
(Thanks to Zoot for her writing prompt!)


Blogger Heather said...

Re: Blogger issue...

Go back to edit the post and change the tab at the top of the edit screen from Compose to Edit HTML. You can then insert spaces between paragraphs and they will be there when you publish.

Oh... and I had a farm set to. LOVED it and hope to get one for Zack some day.

Blogger L Sass said...

I loved the farm set, too! My grandparents lived on a farm so we always acted out "grandpa's farm" with our set.

Anonymous Jane said...

I was a 4-Her too.. although we didn't have livestock.. Also played farm a lot. My brother had a whole bunch of the John Deere tractors and equipment... we did everything from plowing and planting to combining and bailing hay.. too fun...

Blogger Alison said...

Just wait till those ponies aren't too small to swallow - they look a little dangerous for Aiden right now! :) I think my favorite thing was all my baby dolls. I had cribs and blankies and I just loved putting them all to bed. Momma from the start I guess!

Blogger Rachel said...

I always loved playing with those!

Blogger By Nick said...

I had an amazing farm set as a child, hand made and painted by my grandad. The set was made with Britains farm toys in mind but could fit a load of brands. The farm playset consisted of a 3 stall stable, tractor shed, hen house and pigsty. The path through middle was made from sand paper and a big red front gate. Even today I can't find a farm set a fraction as impressive as that one.

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