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Wednesday, November 07, 2007
I'm about to admit something that I don't tell many people. It's something that you might find offensive.



Sometimes, when I am reading a really good book, I will skip to the ending to read what happens.

Ok, you can spank me now. Ouch... ow... oh yeah, baby. Right there! Um... where was I?

So yeah. I am one of those people who reads ahead. When I do it, I think, damn, can't you have some freaking patience and self control, already? But I still do it. And although I go on reading the book and continue to enjoy it, I sometimes wonder if maybe I'd like it even better if I preserved the suspense. I wonder.

Anyone else do this?

p.s. Sorry that the text is centered, but I've discovered that if I don't try to force Blogger to justify the text, it allows me to keep spaces between paragraphs. And since seeing everything squished together bothers me more than everything all centered, well, that's what I'm going with. Pick your poison, as the saying goes.

p.p.s. Thanks for the comments about jumping off the Blogger ship. I'm working on a new blog in Wordpress and will unveil it as soon as it's ready. Nothing fancy; just a new title and such. But I'm not getting much accomplished with it because The Boy has his second cold in about as many weeks. Isn't this why I am breastfeeding? To increase his immunities and prevent so many colds? Bah. We are drowning in baby snot over here. I know, gross. Blech.


Blogger Kellie said...

For the love of shoes...your whole "oh yeah baby, right there"? CRACKED ME UP!!

Anyway--skipping ahead, huh? I don't do that. Sometimes I want to 'cause I just can't wait. But, I don't.

Second cold?! Poor baby!! Poor Mommy and Daddy!! That sucks.

Anonymous Valerie said...

I do the exact same thing, especially if it's a suspenseful book. I hate surprises so much to the point where I'd almost rather not read the book.

For example, when I bought the last Harry Potter, I read the epilogue in the parking lot of Barnes & Noble. I have to read the actual book, but I know I'll enjoy it when I do because there will be no stress.

Blogger alana said...

Okay, wanna know something weirder? I don't read endings at all. Isn't that bizarre? I have only read a handful of books from start to finish, everything else gets only 3/4 of the way through. It's not a conscious decision, but it might as well be - for some reason, even when I do read the endings I forget what happens anyway. Hmm....

Blogger Alison said...

Lily also has a cold which I also annoyed about - aren't I breastfeeding at staying at home so I don't have to deal with this nonsense! Hope your boy is better soon.

Blogger L Sass said...

I've been known to do that too, particularly if the book is suspenseful! Now, I try really really really hard not to, but I can't always resist!

Blogger keri said...

Hi - I am delurking to say I do this too. My husband thinks this is so odd.

I have been reading for awhile, but never commented. I think I found you from isabel. But, I think we grew up near each other (I grew up in Bel Air). Nice to meet you :)

Blogger Rachel said...

I don't skip ahead to the end, but I will skip ahead a few paragraphs or whatever when I'm reading a good part.

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