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Thursday, March 09, 2006
Who's going home?
I've said before that I'm an American Idol addict. But this season is sort of getting boring. There are a few really good singers, but the girls especially are driving me crazy. I just don't think many of them really have that star quality.

Anyway, now that I am a certifiable dork, why not post my predictions of (drumroll please) WHO IS LEAVING THE SHOW TONIGHT! Two guys and two girls have to go. My guesses:

1. Melissa McGhee. She has a good voice, but it didn't sound too great on Tuesday.
2. Kinnik Sky. Same deal, except she was worse than Melissa.

1. Will Makar. He is a pretty good singer, but he just doesn't have the same spark as others.
2. Gedeon McKinney. Good singer, but this boy is weird. Did you see his video? WEIRD.

My faves are still Katharine, Chris, & Taylor. I've also grown to love Elliott too. Can't wait to watch tonight!

Dork-girl, out.


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