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Saturday, December 30, 2006
Scenes from a uterus
Forget Christmas. THIS was the big day. I was like a little kid just squirming in anticipation for my ultrasound on Friday.

We must have looked silly walking into the radiology center... me, my husband, and our merry little band (my mom, Jason's mom, and my sister). Yep, I had FOUR people hoping to sit in on the ultrasound while the tech went on the Great Genital Hunt (and the Great 'Check Out The Bambino's Health Hunt,' too)!

Thank goodness the place had obviously seen such craziness before. They laughed as we walked in the door, with Jason recording on our new video camera to document the experience for baby's future viewing pleasure. "There's your mommy, and there's her belly! That's where you are!" And they sweetly accomodated us by letting everyone in the ultrasound room during the scan.

My tech was the nicest guy ever. He explained everything as he went and provided a running commentary for everything we were seeing on the screen. Which I needed... I could only make out the kid's spine and that was about it at first. We got nearly an hour to watch the baby wiggle around while the tech took all the necessary measurements. Thank goodness, everything looks perfect!

At first, the baby had its little butt jammed down near my pelvic bone, and wouldn't budge. This didn't bode well for determining the gender. But the tech went ahead and did other measurements while I hoped that the orange juice I drank a few minutes earlier would give the baby a sugar rush and hopefully spur a little movement.

Fortunately, it worked! Remind me not to feed this kid sugar later... wow did it make things start to move! The tech swirled the ultrasound wand over my belly and waited to get a glimpse of the goods... and there... there it was! The money shot!

A BOY! WITH A PENIS AND EVERYTHING! I must say, the tech was very impressed with the little guy's equipment. He said it was so obvious he'd bet a year's salary that he was absolutely a boy. The baby even latched onto his winkie with his HAND while we watched. Jason was so proud.

So as I adjusted to the fact that I, a girl, am capable of carrying around a little penis-equipped BOY for nine months, we continued with the ultrasound. And god, is this little guy cute.

Behold, cute little feet.

You can even count all of the little toe bones. PEOPLE! My kid has TOES! Obviously he's very advanced for his age.

He's also a little creepy, if you go by this particular picture:

I may or may not be giving birth to alien spawn, by the looks of that one. The eye sockets sorta skeeve you out, no? But hey, he has EYE SOCKETS! AND A BIG HOLE FOR HIS LARGE GENIUS BRAIN! :)

And here is my favorite picture.

Sweet baby's profile. I know I am biased, but what a cute little head! And nose! And chin! Gah, I can't wait to kiss that perfectly shaped little head.

So that's it. He seems perfect. Ten toes, ten fingers, one penis.

And one happy mom.

Friday, December 29, 2006
Houston, we have a....
penis! That's right, it's a boy! Pics to come a little later, but just wanted to let you know!

He looks wonderful and looks 100% healthy!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006
T minus three days
The countdown to my big ultrasound is ON! I am so excited to find out the gender of this baby and get a glimpse of what's going on in there. I'm also a little nervous, too, just hoping that everything is okay.

By all accounts, I'm having a textbook pregnancy... no issues that my doctor has uncovered. We had a quad screen done at 16 weeks, which is a blood test that detects markers that could indicate some genetic disorders like Downs or Spina Bifida. Got those results back, and thank goodness they were normal. Plus, I've had my handy-dandy little rented doppler at home, and every couple of days I have checked Baby's heartbeat. It's nice and strong, thumping along, sounding much like a horse galloping through a field.

Despite all those reassurances, I just want to have a look in there... for an expert to take lots of measurements and nod at us thoughtfully and say, "Everything looks great! I've never seen a healthier little fetus!"

Of course, the next question I'll ask is, "Can you please zoom in on the kid's crotch? WHAT IS IT!?!?"

Christmas was fun and busy for us. We saw so many family members and everyone oohed and ahhed over my growing belly. And lots of them made guesses about the gender. I personally don't have a real guess. I just can't tell! At least I only have a few more days to go until I find out. 2:30 pm on Friday can't come soon enough!

So, do you have a guess as to what it is? Leave yours in the comments and we'll see who is right!

Thursday, December 21, 2006
When bellies attack.
So here they are. The much anticipated belly pictures. And can I just say that I had no idea how much I have grown already? I mean, I knew my old pants didn't fit. But this... THIS! I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

Here I am just a few days after finding out I was pregnant. I've never had six pack abs but I was looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. :) And yea, I DO shave my pits. I have no idea why they look like that.

And here I am now, in a picture taken this morning after I rolled out of bed (thus explaining the lines on my sides). I'm nearly 18 weeks now, and obviously this kid is GROWING!

I definitely see a difference. Do you?

Friday, December 15, 2006
Friday randomness
TGIF! This week has just been DRAGGING along. I've been meaning to update all week and just now got around to it. So! Bullet points it is!

**Tonight's my station Christmas party! Normally I'm as drunk as the rest of 'em... but tonight I get to be the designated driver. I have a feeling it isn't gonna be quite as much fun.

**I have so.many.nice.dresses that I just couldn't justify going out to buy a new one for tonight's party. So last night I tried on a bunch of them to pick out something to wear. People... only ONE dress actually fits! The rest wouldn't zip or wouldn't fit over my expanding chest.

** Speaking of "the girls." I had to go out and buy some new bras. I'm officially a D-cup now. My husband is in boobie heaven. I don't have the heart to remind him that these ta-ta's will only belong to him for just a few more months.

**I am a bad, bad, girl for not including belly pics in this post. Sorry. I'm lazy and haven't taken the pics off my camera yet.

** The floor project is going great! We finished up so much of it last weekend that we moved all of our furniture back in place. It looks AWESOME. All we have to finish now is the foyer and the Great Back-Breaking Floor Project of 2006 is DUNZO!

** I have to pee. Again. For like the fifth time (already) today. Be right back....

** Ahhhh. Much. Better.

** BIG NEWS, everyone! In exactly two weeks I will find out if my baby has a penis or a vahjayjay!! Our big ultrasound is Dec. 29th. I can't wait!! This kid had better cooperate and show us the goods, because Mommy neeeeeds to know.

** And finally, you should be happy to learn that our... um... sex-less streak has officially ENDED. Oh yea. Not only did we get it on last night, but my horny hubby later woke me up for a little nookie in the middle of the night. Holla! Life is good.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 07, 2006
Hello, second trimester! It's so nice to make your acquaintance. Although I'm starting to realize that there is a downside to breaking past that 14 week benchmark.

I'm getting chubby.

Not "oh look at that adorable pregnant belly!" sort of chubby.

More like, "my regular pants won't fit, but maternity pants fall off my ass, and my husband might have called me 'Tank' the other night" kind of chub.

(My husband might also be dead, only to be discovered months from now stuffed in the freezer. A fitting punishment for such a statement, wouldn't you agree?)

Yes, I am definitely growing. And showing. There is actually something in there!! I'm almost 16 weeks pregnant and the time really is flying. I'll have to post a belly pic soon.

I sort of thought that this whole pregnancy thing was gonna have me being treatd like royalty for nine months. No heavy lifting, no over-exertion. HA! About the only thing different is that I don't have to clean cat crap out of the litter box (AWESOME!).

You see, we started a massive project on our house a few weeks ago. Installing hardwood floors. Ourselves. Fucking idiots that we are. This isn't the stuff that just snaps together. It's real hardwood, and each piece needs to be inspected, laid out, and nailed into the subfloor. I am spending entire weekends on my knees.

Yes, you pervert. That's how I got myself into this "baby" thing in the first place. But stop thinking dirty.

I mean I am on the floor constantly, crawling around to lay out the wood while Jason follows behind me to nail it in.

Wood. Nail it in. Snicker.

Actually, about the only thing I am not doing right now is getting nailed. Jason hurt his back and I've been the moody achey bitch from hell. Not exactly the recipe for some sweet loving. But the floors? They are looking fabulous! And my belly? Growing bigger by the day.