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Saturday, November 03, 2007
5 months
Dear Aiden,

You turned 5 months old this week. Five months already! This is the first monthly letter I have been able to write to you, which should tell you something about your mama. She has great intentions, and meant to start these monthly letters when you were first born, but sometimes she gets a little distracted. Or maybe this should tell you something about what a big job it is to take care of you! A big job, to be sure, but a job your mommy wouldn't trade for anything.

You are a daily dose of inspiration to your daddy and me. I often think about all the things you are learning and marvel at how much you have accomplished. If only we could continue to learn and grow at such a fast pace throughout our entire lives... we'd all be geniuses. It seems that each day you discover something new, and we are so lucky to share this journey with you.

You're only five months, but you are exploding with energy and personality. Already, you have sprouted two little teeth (your front bottom ones). You grab and play with anything you can reach, and you are so very close to crawling. Right now you push up on your arms and tuck your knees under you, but you can't quite get your arms and legs to work in tandem yet.

Most recently, you have started to squeal with delight. Not just cute little squeaks, but long, protracted squeals of joy. You do this all the time, but especially in public, which draws lots of stares and smiles. Perhaps you do this because you love visiting new places and seeing new things.

You're eating like a champ. Not only do you love nursing, but solid foods are going great! You've had rice cereal, pears, carrots, and squash so far. You know how to open your mouth for a big bite, and you aren't afraid to show us if you like something (or not)! You're even drinking from a cup now. You love when we let you sip water from our cups, and I think that when you're weaned, you'll just go straight from me to a cup, instead of using a bottle. That's how much you love your cups!

At home, you scoot around the house in your walker with amazing ease. You just realized that you can reach out from your walker to grab anything nearby. Time for Mom to start babyproofing! You almost broke the video camera the other day, when you swiped at it as it sat on the coffee table. Thank goodness Mom was there to grab it as it began to fall to the floor!

On that video camera is every video we've taken of you since you were born. And, Aiden, you are quite the star. We have so many home movies of you, and it is amazing to watch the progression. In just a few months, you have grown from a tiny, helpless, sweet-smelling infant... to a rowdy, energetic boy with a sparkling personality. You grin, you laugh, your little eyes crinkle at the corners with glee. You are a true blessing, and we drink up every moment we have with you.

I can't wait to see what the coming months have in store!



Blogger Kari said...

What a beautiful letter to your little man. Happy 5 months!!

Blogger Rachel said...

What a sweet letter! I feel like we know a little more about Aiden now.

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