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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Happy Tuesday, Fatties
Fatty watty bo batty bananafanna fo fatty... oh yes the joys of Thanksgiving. I haven't eaten so much food in a long time. I won't disgust you and write a complete list of all the stuff I consumed. Let's just put it this way. Pants. too. tight. Gonna. pop. a button.

Wanna know how sad I am? Rather than admit that my too-tight pants are due to my gluttony, I thought, "No... I'm not fat. Maybe... maybe I am pregnant!" That would be a good excuse for this excess of belly. So I march off to the Dollar Tree (yes, cuz I am cheap) and buy one of those pregnancy tests for a buck. Scare the crap outta my husband when he sees a pee stick in my hand. I assure him, "Honey, I'm probably just fat." In some warped way, that statement makes him feel BETTER.

Long story short, I wasted my dollar. Fatty bo batty here... isn't knocked up. She's just carrying a little turkey, pie, whipped cream, oh yeah, and stuffing too... around her waistline. I'm gonna be a blimp by the time January rolls around. God bless the holiday season! :)

Monday, November 21, 2005
Jagged Little Pill
So I wake up today all inspired to have a great Thanksgiving week... and decide to treat myself to a little Starbucks on the way to the TV station. Starbucks is like Toys R Us for adults around the holidays... all kinds of yummy coffees, gift baskets, $400 cappucino machines. Heavenly... and dangerous for the credit card balance.

So I make my order... a tall Peppermint Mocha. I mildly annoy the barista with massive dreads wrapped up in huge kerchief, because I can't pick a pastry to go along with aforementioned coffee. I finally order a slice of blueberry coffee cake and then I see it... Alanis Morrisette's Jagged Little Pill. The acoustic version. In a shiny wrapper right by the counter. Damn impulse buys.

So I go in planning to spend 5 bucks, and drop 25 instead. But I have my coffee, my coffee cake, and my new CD. I spend the next 40 minutes driving to work in total happiness, listening to all the songs I loved back in 1995. They're both familiar and new, with this new acoustic version. It's my new favorite CD, people. Just LOVE it.

So it's only 10:30 and I've had a fantastic day thus far. Yeah for good music and caffeine highs! *sigh*

Sunday, November 20, 2005
We're just human
Wow... feeling very philosophical after tonight's Grey's Anatomy. Not sure what it is about that show that just always gets me thinking. Tonight... it's the realization of how tough it is just to go through the daily steps of life and make the choice to move on and face the next day.

It was that scene where the man (who has awakened after 16 years in a coma) realizes how much life has changed. By no fault of his own, he's been removed from his family and they have moved on. Wife's been remarried, his son is in shock and avoiding him. This man is all alone in the world, wakes up to find his life forever altered. Yet he decides to have a life threatening surgery because he says that he has to look to the future and start his life over again. Hey, I know it's just TV... totally fictional... but I can't help but think of how many people have faced real, similar circumstances. People beaten down by what life has thrown at them, and yet they still stand up one more time to face a new day.

I've never been one to air my dirty laundry, or complain about any serious issues in my life. Can't tell if it's because I don't like to burden others with my problems, or if I'm so concerned with maintaining a good image that "everything's great with me!" that I choose not to share. Right now, I think it's the latter. My life's not terrible or anything, in fact it's good right now. But I've faced a few things that have thrown me for a loop. That have had me boiling inside, but on the exterior I kept it all together. Most people who know me well probably wouldn't have ever known. I'm not suggesting I've ever faced something so serious as life or death, or even a tragic loss. But I too, have made that choice to stand up, brush it off, and move on to the next day.

I cried as I watched that scene on television. And then I continued to cry as the commercial break ensued. The tears trailed down my face as I thought of all the times I pushed my chin up and forced a smile, all for the sake of moving on and away from my troubles. 'I made it through. I didn't break down.' And yet sometimes, I think that I owed myself a little breakdown. I've been guilty of savoring the beautiful moments, and speeding through the tough ones. I've neglected the task of really thinking about a problem, working it out, for the luxury of just forgetting about it.

Maybe I've got it half right. It's commendable to look to the future, to be eager to move away from stress and into something better. But how can you keep yourself happy, in a more permanent state of happiness, if you don't stop to think about what happened, where you went wrong, and where you won't go in the future?

We're all human. Sometimes I need to remember that and apply it to myself. I'm no machine, and I'm not perfect. Life goes on... the key is to learn from that life and make every new moment, every new opportunity count.

I'm inspired for tomorrow... for my next opportunity for greatness.

Friday, November 11, 2005
Yay... not as dumb as I thought!
So I actually got the pictures to post! Shocking. I'll have to keep adding some more.

I got my inspiration to start a little blogging thanks to newly-moved-to-Maryland Ashlie... otherwise known on her blog Ticket 4 Two. I was always sorta the shy girl who never thought my life was too interesting for anyone else to want to read. But then I read her daily updates about the most mundane things around, and I was actually interested and laughing and looking forward to the next entry. Seriously, I am totally sounding like an internet stalker or something but I swear I am not. :)

So it's time for me to start viewing my life as being a little more interesting than it actually is. And seriously, I've got the definite ingredients for some interesting stuff. I work in television, so I always get to see intriguing stuff. I'm married, and that's a story in and of itself. And I happen to live in a zoo... two dogs, a cat, and a crazy little parrot that's addicted to Coca Cola. Ah yes, so much to muse upon.

So I gotta display some pics of the little angels... my children until Jason and I work up the courage to actually try to HAVE children, instead of prevent it. Isn't that a scary thought? That after all these years of birth control, you just STOP. Whoa. And then what if your body doesn't work like it's supposed to? Dang I'd be pissed if after all these years of pills and being careful... that I found out I was gonna have trouble getting pregnant. So how does that happen? I go from "gotta post pics of the pets" to "ohmigosh I might be infertile". Such is my life.

So let's start with Sophie! She's our new Golden Retriever puppy. :) I'm in love! Here's Hobbes the kitty. We adopted him from an animal shelter. He is the best cat ever!

Here's Milo, our Jack Russell Terrier... or "terror." He's our "first born."

And I can't seem to get any more pics to post... maybe there's a limit? So I will leave you waiting with bated breath for the bird with a coke habit. How's that for keeping you hanging? :)

Introducing the happy couple

This is me... and my hubby Jason. Pic from our wedding in September 2003. This is a little test to see if I am actually somewhat computer literate and able to post pics online!