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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
so sweet
I had a really busy day at work today. Not only did I have to file a report, I was the emcee for a huge luncheon for business women. Had lots of fun, and came back to the newsroom to find a big package waiting on my desk.

Inside... a beautiful bouquet of tulips and a note from my husband. "I Miss You. Love, Jason"
I love this man. And I miss him, too.


Blogger Silly Hily said...

And you thought you missed him Monday when you wrote THAT post. Bless your heart, you are probably dying now that he sent flowers.
That was VERY sweet of him.
Since I'm hopefully only about two weeks away from "mushing" out my next kid (hehe) let's hope that the next two weeks fly by for both of us. Me for finally delivering and you for your husband coming home.

Blogger janet said...

wow your job sounds so cool! I would pee my pants if I had to do that emcee thing.

and your hubby - so cute!

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