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Friday, December 15, 2006
Friday randomness
TGIF! This week has just been DRAGGING along. I've been meaning to update all week and just now got around to it. So! Bullet points it is!

**Tonight's my station Christmas party! Normally I'm as drunk as the rest of 'em... but tonight I get to be the designated driver. I have a feeling it isn't gonna be quite as much fun.

**I have so.many.nice.dresses that I just couldn't justify going out to buy a new one for tonight's party. So last night I tried on a bunch of them to pick out something to wear. People... only ONE dress actually fits! The rest wouldn't zip or wouldn't fit over my expanding chest.

** Speaking of "the girls." I had to go out and buy some new bras. I'm officially a D-cup now. My husband is in boobie heaven. I don't have the heart to remind him that these ta-ta's will only belong to him for just a few more months.

**I am a bad, bad, girl for not including belly pics in this post. Sorry. I'm lazy and haven't taken the pics off my camera yet.

** The floor project is going great! We finished up so much of it last weekend that we moved all of our furniture back in place. It looks AWESOME. All we have to finish now is the foyer and the Great Back-Breaking Floor Project of 2006 is DUNZO!

** I have to pee. Again. For like the fifth time (already) today. Be right back....

** Ahhhh. Much. Better.

** BIG NEWS, everyone! In exactly two weeks I will find out if my baby has a penis or a vahjayjay!! Our big ultrasound is Dec. 29th. I can't wait!! This kid had better cooperate and show us the goods, because Mommy neeeeeds to know.

** And finally, you should be happy to learn that our... um... sex-less streak has officially ENDED. Oh yea. Not only did we get it on last night, but my horny hubby later woke me up for a little nookie in the middle of the night. Holla! Life is good.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


Blogger Janet said...

oh girl I love your updates. but we need photos!!!! no really, just good to hear things are going so well :)

Blogger Erika said...

Gosh this is going so fast!!! Do you think so too?

Blogger Ella said...

I agree with Janet - where are the photos? Come on already.

Blogger Lucky Gem said...

The 18 week mark wasn't too long ago for me (I'm 35 weeks now). I always hated going places because I though people would think I was just getting pudgey and not pregnant. I am normally very thin also, so I was self concious about people thinking I was getting "fat". Before too long, you will have the preggo belly that no one doubts!!

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