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Thursday, December 07, 2006
Hello, second trimester! It's so nice to make your acquaintance. Although I'm starting to realize that there is a downside to breaking past that 14 week benchmark.

I'm getting chubby.

Not "oh look at that adorable pregnant belly!" sort of chubby.

More like, "my regular pants won't fit, but maternity pants fall off my ass, and my husband might have called me 'Tank' the other night" kind of chub.

(My husband might also be dead, only to be discovered months from now stuffed in the freezer. A fitting punishment for such a statement, wouldn't you agree?)

Yes, I am definitely growing. And showing. There is actually something in there!! I'm almost 16 weeks pregnant and the time really is flying. I'll have to post a belly pic soon.

I sort of thought that this whole pregnancy thing was gonna have me being treatd like royalty for nine months. No heavy lifting, no over-exertion. HA! About the only thing different is that I don't have to clean cat crap out of the litter box (AWESOME!).

You see, we started a massive project on our house a few weeks ago. Installing hardwood floors. Ourselves. Fucking idiots that we are. This isn't the stuff that just snaps together. It's real hardwood, and each piece needs to be inspected, laid out, and nailed into the subfloor. I am spending entire weekends on my knees.

Yes, you pervert. That's how I got myself into this "baby" thing in the first place. But stop thinking dirty.

I mean I am on the floor constantly, crawling around to lay out the wood while Jason follows behind me to nail it in.

Wood. Nail it in. Snicker.

Actually, about the only thing I am not doing right now is getting nailed. Jason hurt his back and I've been the moody achey bitch from hell. Not exactly the recipe for some sweet loving. But the floors? They are looking fabulous! And my belly? Growing bigger by the day.


Blogger Janet said...

Oh so glad you posted, I was starting to worry! (Yes I am a worrier, you'll just have to get used to it :) )

I think I told you that my bestest friend ever is also 15 weeks so every time we chat about her baby update I think of you too!

And, um, I can't believe you are doing the floors yourself!! holy cow!

Anonymous marnie said...

Welcome back! You were missed.

Hard wood floors.. sounds positively painful. They also sound rather wonderful. You should post some pics of your hard work!

We installed flooring ourselves and it was a nightmare. And then our house flooded and destroyed all that work so we had to hire someone to re-do it all. I can't imagine attempting that while pregnant. Stay healthy!

Blogger Lizzy said...

so glad to see you back on the Internets! you were missed.
as for the nailing and the wood? get it while the gettin's good, cuz by yer third trimester? not so much your party anymore! :-)
welcome back, so glad to have you back!

Blogger L Sass said...

You are the most ambitious pregnant woman I have ever heard of! Wow! I hope you'll get some well-deserved pampering SOON.

Blogger Erika said...

The Krispy Kreme phase, how quickly it comes. My husband didn't start treating me like royalty until I was like 7 months along! Men are so visual. However, you will forever have the upper hand...Evan is 8 months old and I am still using the "I carried your child for NINE MONTHS! HE CAME OUT OF ME!" excuse.

Blogger Kellie said...

Glad you're back--I came across your blog a month or so ago and really like it--checked every day for updates and SO happy to see one now!! I agree with Lizzy, too :) Several other blogs I read are by pregnant ladies and it's fun..I had my baby 11 months and 1 day ago and it's like a trip down memory lane reading about it. Feels like it was YEARS ago...stay healthy...

Blogger desiree said...

The reason I came here to day was to post a "hope you are okay" comment so I was thrilled to see that you posted. I suppose your employer knows that you are preggers now, right?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The floors will be worth it, I promise. PLUS you'll have this to use along with the "I carried our baby for NINE MONTHS."

You're golden.

Blogger Ella said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear that things are going well.

Blogger goldmoon said...

I can't imagine doing ANYTHING at 16 weeks pregnant. I was too sick. But I have lots of respect for you for taking on such a project!

Blogger Silly Hily said...

"I mean I am on the floor constantly, crawling around to lay out the wood while Jason follows behind me to nail it in."
I was totally snickering on that part. Couldn't help it. Glad I wasn't the only one.

I bet you look adorable. Shut up. And yes, the freezer is a fitting place for a man that calls you tank. Jason! You should have known better!!! Tsk. Tsk.

Take care. Don't work too hard.

Blogger Lucky Gem said...

Oh, the maternity pants issue. I would get so frustrated. I finally was able to fit into a pair at about 6 months and they were still a little big.

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