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Friday, November 11, 2005
Yay... not as dumb as I thought!
So I actually got the pictures to post! Shocking. I'll have to keep adding some more.

I got my inspiration to start a little blogging thanks to newly-moved-to-Maryland Ashlie... otherwise known on her blog Ticket 4 Two. I was always sorta the shy girl who never thought my life was too interesting for anyone else to want to read. But then I read her daily updates about the most mundane things around, and I was actually interested and laughing and looking forward to the next entry. Seriously, I am totally sounding like an internet stalker or something but I swear I am not. :)

So it's time for me to start viewing my life as being a little more interesting than it actually is. And seriously, I've got the definite ingredients for some interesting stuff. I work in television, so I always get to see intriguing stuff. I'm married, and that's a story in and of itself. And I happen to live in a zoo... two dogs, a cat, and a crazy little parrot that's addicted to Coca Cola. Ah yes, so much to muse upon.

So I gotta display some pics of the little angels... my children until Jason and I work up the courage to actually try to HAVE children, instead of prevent it. Isn't that a scary thought? That after all these years of birth control, you just STOP. Whoa. And then what if your body doesn't work like it's supposed to? Dang I'd be pissed if after all these years of pills and being careful... that I found out I was gonna have trouble getting pregnant. So how does that happen? I go from "gotta post pics of the pets" to "ohmigosh I might be infertile". Such is my life.

So let's start with Sophie! She's our new Golden Retriever puppy. :) I'm in love! Here's Hobbes the kitty. We adopted him from an animal shelter. He is the best cat ever!

Here's Milo, our Jack Russell Terrier... or "terror." He's our "first born."

And I can't seem to get any more pics to post... maybe there's a limit? So I will leave you waiting with bated breath for the bird with a coke habit. How's that for keeping you hanging? :)


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