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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Happy Tuesday, Fatties
Fatty watty bo batty bananafanna fo fatty... oh yes the joys of Thanksgiving. I haven't eaten so much food in a long time. I won't disgust you and write a complete list of all the stuff I consumed. Let's just put it this way. Pants. too. tight. Gonna. pop. a button.

Wanna know how sad I am? Rather than admit that my too-tight pants are due to my gluttony, I thought, "No... I'm not fat. Maybe... maybe I am pregnant!" That would be a good excuse for this excess of belly. So I march off to the Dollar Tree (yes, cuz I am cheap) and buy one of those pregnancy tests for a buck. Scare the crap outta my husband when he sees a pee stick in my hand. I assure him, "Honey, I'm probably just fat." In some warped way, that statement makes him feel BETTER.

Long story short, I wasted my dollar. Fatty bo batty here... isn't knocked up. She's just carrying a little turkey, pie, whipped cream, oh yeah, and stuffing too... around her waistline. I'm gonna be a blimp by the time January rolls around. God bless the holiday season! :)


Blogger janet said...

they really sell preg tests for a dollar?!? that's funny. a turkey belly is probably better than an oops baby though, right?

Blogger AnnaBana said...

Seriously, a dollar pregnancy test?? Man! NOW you tell me! I've probably blown 60 bucks over the course of time on those dang things!

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