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Monday, April 02, 2007
Now in 3D!!
I mentioned about a month ago that we got a 3D ultrasound of the baby... but then I never posted any pics. Why? Because this child takes after his father, and is oh-so-very stubborn. (Okay, he takes after his mama, too.) The point is, he was snuggled into a very comfortable spot with his hands in his mouth, and absolutely refused to give us a good look at his face. Sure, we saw an ear here, a bit of his nose there, but not the whole face. Fortunately, the ultrasound tech said we could come back to try again, and hopefully he would be more cooperative.

"Take two" was this weekend, so we headed back to Womb With A View. Seriously, that's what the place is called. It's so creative and corny it almost kills me. Thank goodness, Baby Brat did show us a little more kindness this time around, although he still shows a real affinity for having his hands in or near his mouth.

So here are a few of the pics! He's 32 weeks here, and starting to fill out with lots of baby fat!

Sweet little face. :) The odd looking cloud over the left side of his face is the placenta. He loves to curl up in it, so I suppose it is nice and soft and cozy. On the right, you can see that he's curled his arm up next to his cheek.

Utterly adorable hands and feet. The hand is at the top, the foot is at the bottom. I cannot wait to nibble on those toes!

This is one of many images that shows his little mouth open. By the looks of things, he is going to be a champion nurser. We saw him lick or suck on everything he could grab, including his hands, fingers, and even the umbilical cord!

Baby says: "Mom, stop taking pictures already! Am getting majorly ticked off at being prodded while I try to nap! Geez!"

"Ok, that's it, I have had enough. I shall hide my face so you can't see me anymore. How do you like that, huh?? Oh, great. Now you want to take 50 pictures of my ear. Lovely. Hey, I have an idea! I have a middle finger to show you guys!"

Just kidding. He didn't flip the bird at his parents. But man, wouldn't that have been a great picture for his baby book?


Blogger L Sass said...

Holy crap! That is some space-age technology!

He looks perfect already. :)

Wow... that is amazing. My brother and his wife are expecting and they just had the ultrasound where they found out what they're having. I can't identify anything in the pictures. Those 3D ones are awesome.

Anonymous marnie said...

Wow. Amazing. Completely amazing. I can't believe how advanced that is from the old school "I think that's a foot" ultrasounds. He's going to be a cute one Kelly.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! It's amazing!! Thanks for sharing.

Blogger The Hilarazzi said...

YAY for 3D! He looks absolutely adorable already.

Anonymous alyndabear said...

Wow, 3D is incredble! He is precious, and wow - thankyou for showing these. Gorgeous!

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