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Friday, March 02, 2007
How times have changed
Before I saw those two pink lines last September, I had this preconceived notion (no pun intended) about what it would be like to be pregnant. I pictured myself giddy with happiness, thrilled that my husband and I had created a miracle. I imagined that I wouldn't have to deal with too much morning sickness. I just knew I'd feel amazed at that first flutter, when my baby started to move enough for me to feel his presence.

Fortunately for me, all of those things were true. We have been giddy... I never experienced much nausea... and feeling my baby boy move was more amazing than I had anticipated.

One thing, however, that I didn't anticipate.

Stripping off my clothes in an uber sexy way for my husband... thinking I look damn good... only to have him laugh out loud at the sight of my belly. Maybe I should have just flashed my butt at him. At least that part of my body hasn't been altered too much! :)

Oh, yes. Times have changed. And no, I didn't smack him for giggling. I actually laughed too, once I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. This journey has been full of laughs and surprises!


Blogger Kellie said...

Baby bellies are funny...especially when you go to bed one night and wake up bigger!! Glad you're able to laugh with's yet one more experience in the journey of building a baby :)

Blogger The Hilarazzi said...

At least you are still having fun. Good for you.

Anonymous alyndabear said...

Sounds like you're enjoying the ride, good for you guys !! :D

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