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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Tuesday randoms
Breaking out the bullet points for this Tuesday afternoon.

  • Lots of you have been asking what we will be naming our son, after I polled all of you a few weeks ago. I'm proud to announce that we still have no fricking idea. We simply can't decide yet, so we've pulled the ultimate in procrastination and indecisiveness: we are waiting until he is born to name him. Sorry to disappoint anyone... you'll know his name as soon as we do!

  • Had another doctor's appointment this morning. All's well with the baby and I am proud to announce that I didn't gain A SINGLE POUND in the last two weeks. But, as my doctor so kindly pointed out, that sort of balances out the previous two week period, in which I gained double what I was supposed to. Bitch. Raining on my pregnant parade is not nice.

  • Duuude. I love the whole chocolate and mint combination. And I adore Grasshopper cookies (they are like the Girl Scout Thin Mints). I nearly wept with joy when I found 100 Calorie Packs of the Grasshopper cookie at the grocery store last night. Because I have no self control, and cannot be trusted with an entire box of cookies. See bullet point #2 above, if you need to know why.

  • I'm getting my hair cut tonight. I should probably post a picture for you, since the only other pics I've been sharing are nearly x-rated belly shots.

  • I should probably also post some pics of the nursery (which is almost finished, thank god). It looks sooo cute.

  • I'm loving the weather here... it's in the 70's and feels fabulous!

  • I'd better wrap up this half-ass attempt at a post and get back to work. I have to be anchoring in an hour and I haven't read a single script yet! Hey, apathy and laziness are totally excused when you are pregnant, right?? :)


Anonymous alyndabear said...

Mmm low calories chocolate and mint? I MUST HAVE SOME. Why don't we have girl scouts over here? :P

Blogger Erika said...

ROFL..."pregnant parade"!

I too found the 100 calorie grasshoppers. They are in my desk drawer next to the chocolate mint Ghirardelli squares. Oops. I craved peppermint patties when I was pregnant!

Blogger CPA_Mom said...

I LOVE - CUBED the 100-calorie Grasshoppers too. Unfortunately, I also love the Thin Mints in my freezer.

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