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Friday, March 30, 2007
Steam and mirrors
It's number 59293857 on my list of Things I Never Knew About Pregnancy.

I'm talking about Personal Grooming Difficulties. So get ready, because I am about to start talking about my pubes again.

You might remember that last July, I got a brazilian bikini wax. It was not a pleasant experience, but it made for some great blogging. You can read about all the painful and hilarious details here. I guess it's sort of obvious that since I got a brazilian, that I have a preference for more "bare than hair down there" (and I'm a poet and didn't know it.) HA. Am stunning with my humor this morning, aren't I?

After the horrible pube-pulling incident of 2006, I have been sticking with my tried-and-true method of grooming. Simply put, I shave. Thankfully my skin cooperates and I don't get razor burn, so it works for me. I get the results I want without putting my hoo-ha through torture.

But this method isn't exactly working for me anymore. It hasn't been working for a few months, really, since my belly go so big that I can no longer see my girly-bits down there. So I had three options:

1. Let the jungle grow wild. Which, hello! No way in hell is that going to happen. I can't stand the way it feels, and my husband would probably recoil in horror. "What? That's what au naturel looks like??"

2. Get waxed again. Um, hell-to-the-NO. Never again will I allow my poor little follicles to be ripped from their happy home.

3. Keep shaving. Albeit, with some adjustments.

So I picked option three. I still shave, but my new best friend has become a $3.00 mirror that has given me a very, um, intimate view of the vah-jay-jay in the shower. That mirror makes it possible for me to keep it neat, without lopping off any parts of my anatomy.

Maybe some of you might suggest that I just forget trying to do this myself, and make my husband jump in to help with the pube duties. Let me tell you this... I've seen how the man shaves his face, and based on that, there is no way in hell he's getting a razor blade near my nether regions. I hear there's an increase of blood flow down there during pregnancy, and I am not ready to bleed out on the shower floor.

So, until the baby's born, it's me and the mirror. Partners in the fight against 1970's bush. A match made in (almost) hairless heaven.

And once again, you know way more about me than you probably wanted to know. Sorry 'bout that.


Blogger L Sass said...

Hee. I think there are some things about pregnancy that we probably shouldn't know until we're there--otherwise the species wouldn't reproduce!

Blogger AnnieM said...

I love your posts! I did one final hoorah and shaved it all when things where not so easy to reach. By the time I delivered I was just at a nice short au naturel. No 70's pornstar look for me!

Blogger Isabel said...

Kelly...just try the wax again. I promise it gets easier. And the small amount of pain is worth it.

I had my last (pregnancy) brazilion right before I had my baby. It made labor so much nicer. Seriously, my doctor thanked me for it. I kid you not. And then when I ended up having an emergency C section, it was great to not have to worry about the regrowth for a while (since I couldn't have another wax or shave for a while).

No matter what you free is the way to be.

Anonymous alyndabear said...

Isabel makes it sound so easy! I would be absolutely terrified.. so I'm sticking to the tried and trusting home-grooming method :P

Three cheers for the mirror!

Blogger Erika said...

I hated this too...not being able to see anything down there, but knowing it was about to be on display for a night in front of half of an OB team!

Blogger Lizzy said...

i went native, myself. but i'm lazy like that and all i needed was an excuse.

but before delivery, my husband said he'd help. which, okay, fine.

i actually went to get waxed and the lady who does my brows said "You? No."

Blogger CPA_Mom said...

Your husband's beard trimmer - it can be your best friend. Trust me on this.

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