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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Thank you!!
Wow, girls. Thanks! I now have a bunch of new recipes that I want to try out. I've actually printed them off already. Just what a pregnant girl needs is yummy sounding recipes. I can't wait (and neither can the baby- he's hungry)!

However, I didn't actually get to use any of them on Saturday. We went to get a 3D ultrasound of the boy early in the afternoon (more on that later) and we ended up getting home SUPER late. Way later than I wanted to. Commence the panicky wife running around in a stupor. "How the hell am I gonna cook all this FOOD?" and "OH MY GOD I DON'T EVER FEEL LIKE HAVING COMPANY OVER ANYWAY."

My husband, sweetly realizing that his pregnant wife was already a little hormonal, decided to take matters into his own hands. He called our guests (the guy in the couple happens to be his good friend) and suggested that we just do some appetizers for dinner. I guess they were cool with that idea and said they preferred something casual anyway.

So... I did make my fabulous taco dip, which is really easy and requires zero cooking. I was going to make a few more dishes but Jason refused and forced me to pick up some easy frozen appetizers from the store. Oh, and Snickers ice cream. Yep. He forced me.

We ended up having a very relaxing evening puntuated by fattening easy food, a movie, and almost zero dishes to clean. And ice cream. Lots of ice cream. I promised them I'd make better food next time, and whip up some of these fabulous new recipes from my internet friends. But I still may stick with ice cream for dessert.

Lesson: You can feed people dog food, and they will adore you if you serve Snickers ice cream for dessert. All is forgiven, all is forgotten. :)


Blogger Kellie said...

Snickers ice cream makes up for a lot of things :) Glad a good time was had by all. And, hello?? We're waiting for the details on the viewing of the boy :)

Blogger Lizzy said...

Sounds like a great night to me!
Tell us more about the 3D ultrasound, those are so cool!
(also? YUM on the ice cream!)

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