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Friday, March 23, 2007
The state of the belly address
I haven't included an updated belly picture for a few weeks, so here you go! This was taken on Monday morning, and I'm just over 30 weeks pregnant. Sorry that the pic is a little fuzzy.

Compare that to this photo from just five weeks ago, when I was 25 weeks! Definitely a lot of growth there! :)

I can only imagine what the next nine weeks are going to be like!

Also, if you only stop by every few days due to my somewhat, um, random posting, you might want to scroll down to check out yesterday's list of things I never knew about pregnancy.

Happy reading! And Happy WEEKEND! It's FRIDAY!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking great--you're all baby, girl :)

Blogger janet said...

you look great! and you are 75% there

Blogger Lizzy said...

I can't believe that you're already 30 weeks along. How is this possible? Didn't you JUST have that positive pregnancy test?
Is the pregnancy flying by for you, too?
You look fantastic--I hope you're feeling good, too! And dude: that sweet baby boy will be here in No. Time. Flat!

Anonymous Julie said...

Has it already been thirty weeks? Wow! It is amazing how time flies. You look great! It is amazing the difference in the photos in just 5 weeks. That is good though, it means he will be here soon. YEAH!!! Thanks for the update! Have a great weekend! Oh, and don't go gettin' stuck in the tub again! ;)

Anonymous alyndabear said...

Gorgeous shot! :) Looks like the lotion is working wonderfully!

Blogger L Sass said...

Wow! I think that shape is so beautiful.

Now, let's see some pictures of the Baby! Is it time yet? Is it time yet?

Blogger Isabel said... look GREAT!

Blogger The Hilarazzi said...

As I knew you would, you look fabulous! Such a beautiful belly.
I'm a little late in checking this so it's been a week since you posted that. Have you grown even more? Just wait sister, the home stretch means growth, growth, growth for the baby (and your belly).

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