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Monday, March 05, 2007
What's in a name?
If you've been reading this blog for long, you know just how indecisive I can be sometimes. Now I'm really in trouble, because I've been given the mother of all big decisions to make. Heh. Mother. Appropriate word usage there, because this involves me becoming a mother.

I have to name my son! Of course, my husband is involved in this decision, too. But sometimes he has trouble making decisions, too. We typically have conversations that go something like this:

KELLY: I want to get dinner out somewhere.
JASON: Ok, where do you want to go?
KELLY: I'm not sure.
JASON: Neither am I.
KELLY: You decide... I don't care.
JASON: No, you decide.
KELLY: Ehhh, just forget it. Lets just make something at home instead.
JASON: Ok, what do you want to make?

And our discussions of baby names are following a similar path, which really means we aren't getting anywhere. Add to that, the pressure of knowing that this name will be stuck on our poor child forever! Ah, the pressure! We are hopeless.

We have, however, come up with a "short list" of candidates. We wanted to go with classic names that would sound good for both a child and an adult. We wanted to avoid anything that sounded made up or too weird. For example, I recently met a woman whose infant grandson was named "MacGyver." Not kidding. Apparently his dad was a fan of the TV show.** FYI to my husband, we are not naming our child after any TV shows or musicians or anything pop culture. So, sorry, sweetie, Jim Morrison is not an option. No matter how much you love him.

So here is THE LIST. Most likely, our kid will end up with one of these names.

(geez, just typing these out feels like a committment!)


So, comment away!

** Disclaimer: If your child is, in fact, named MacGyver, please disregard the above comment. MacGyver is a lovely name, bringing to mind a very capable person who can escape life or death situations with only paper clips and duct tape, all while looking super hot. So, yes, um... great name!


Blogger jessica said...

I think I like Nathan the best...but I really like them all so it's hard to choose. On the other hand, Ethan isn't a name you hear very often, so I may lean towards it instead. At any rate, I think they are all wonderful names so you can't go wrong.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the DC area, "Ethan" has been the number one name for the last five years. I would stir away from that unless you don't mind him being refered to as "Ethan F." or by just your last name.

I vote for Nathan. Its very nice for both a child and an adult. Nat, Nate, and my favorite Nattyboh (like the B-more beer) are all fine nicknames.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI = stir = steer

Blogger The Hilarazzi said...

I think I'm leaning the Nathan way, too.
It's classic but not common.

Blogger janet said...

Well I just *might* be partial to Andrew, and I like how it works for kid and adult.

Ryan is very common, but classic. Not sure how much you are trying to avoid common?

I like Ethan the best except maybe it's too trendy.

I guess I would rank Nathan last unless you were going to call him Nate, which I really like. (Clearly I am not polling with the majority here who like Nathan the best?)

So basically, I don't think you can go wrong with any of those!

On a side note, Andrew and I have already picked a girls name, but we totally cannot decide on a boys name. Um, not that we are pregnant or trying, but you know what I mean. I just hope we have a girl so we don't have to have a big drama!

Anonymous Chris said...

I have a 10 year old Ethan. We picked the name because we liked and it wasn't trendy. Fast forward a few years- there are a ton of Ethan's out there. But, no matter what name you pick, you'll run into a million boys with that name. Just pick one you like and go with it.


Anonymous Aimee said...

I like them all - but lean more towards Nathan too. (not that it matters since Hi! this is the first time I've visited your blog.)
Ethan reminds me of the creepy guy from LOST. :)

Blogger Rachel said...

Hmmm, I like them all, but mostly Ryan. It's not as common as it used to be and it's a really nice name!

Blogger Kellie said...

I like Ryan. It's simple, it's not AS common as Ethan. But, who am I to offer name advice!!! My daughter is named after a street two blocks from our house 'cause it's the only name we each agreed on (Morgan).

Blogger Sarah said...

I like them all too. Good choices. My brother is named Andrew so I might be a little partial to that one. I like Ryan the best but what does that matter? I'm just some stranger on the internet. :)

Anonymous alyndabear said...

I have a brother called Andrew - and it's a name I like but wouldn't use myself.

Ethan reminds me of a bratty kid I had in my class last year, boo to that.

Ryan is a great name.

Nathan is a name I want to give to one of my kids one day, haha.

In short? I like Ryan or Nathan. But whatever you choose will be perfect!

Blogger Lucky Gem said...

Great names. Here's my take (and I totally sympathize with the stress of naming your child)

Nathan is good, not too common, but not weird. (plus, I have a brother named that)

Love Andrew! (dude, I have another brother whose middle name is that)

My favorite is Ryan. We were going to name a little boy Ryan, but we had a girl and named her Ryan Michelle!

Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

I think Ethan is pretty trendy.
I love the name "Ryan."

nathan...I knew a couple of Nathans in the I'm completely biased as to not have ANYONE use that name.
(isn't it funny how one bad apple can ruin a whole NAME!)

So, my vote (as if it really counts...) is for "RYAN".


Anonymous Julie said...

I am leaning toward Ryan or Nate (Nathan). I think Anonymous is right, Ethan will be a very popular name while he is growing up. All the others you have picked are more classic names that people are steering away from.

Can't wait to hear what you two decide. Does polling us complete strangers help any? :)

Anonymous Erika said...

Nathan was on our short list also...mostly because it's part of "Jonathan". I like Ryan because it's not used as much as it used to be. I think they all are good little boy/grown man names. That was my #1 consideration when we were naming Evan!

Blogger L Sass said...

I like Nathan the best, too. It's one of the few men's names with a really nice nickname. Plus, I have known many nice guys named "Nate!"

Blogger Isabel said...

You are so brave to ask for people's thoughts on your baby's name.

That being said, I like Ethan.

(and can I tell you that naming our baby was seriously the hardest thing I have ever done. We never really decided on a name. And we NEVER said any names out loud. The discussions were always over e-mail between my husband and I during work. When the baby was finally born...we just sort of named him the last name we had thought of. But we LOVE it. And you'll come up with a perfect one for your little guy!)

Blogger alana said...

That's a pretty good list, in my opinion. I used to say that I couldn't possibly ever have a son, for he would have to go nameless due to my inability to really like any boys names (I'm totally with you on the indecisiveness thing). But about a month ago I decided (completely randomly, at the grocery store, in the produce aisle) that if I ever were to have a son I would name him Nathan.

Therefore, Nathan gets my vote :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think RYAN is too cutesy.Both a Girl and Boy name. I always look at how it will look on a door DR ETHAN Etc... Dr. Andrew... Dr. Andy;Handy Andy etc. you get it!

Blogger Frema said...

For what it's worth, I think all of those names work well for a doctor.

Also, Nathan is on my list of boy's names, too, but it seems to be really popular right now. Check out this site to see other trendy names:

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