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Friday, May 25, 2007
T minus one day
I am looking at my calendar at work, and tomorrow's date is circled, with HAVE BABY written in big block letters. I do not miss appointments that I mark on my calendar. Whether or not my child will follow my example... is another story entirely.

I feel kind of crappy today, but not really anything that makes me think I'm about to go into labor. My back hurts and I get these sharp pains down really low when I walk around or stand up. I think it's just the pressure of his head since he's so low.

This morning's appointment was a bit of a let-down. Not much has changed since my appointment on Tuesday night. I am about 1cm dilated, but not quite wide enough for the midwife to get her finger in there to give a really good swipe to the membranes. She thinks she got it, but can't be totally sure. She did say she'd guess I go into labor in the next few days, but really, who knows? I'd be better off getting a psychic's prediction at this point.

I am really, REALLY hoping that today is my last day at work. So, please, baby, come toward the light! Follow the exit signs! As odd as it seems, you only have a short distance to travel to get outta there... and it's time. See you (hopefully) SOON!


Blogger Melissa said...

I'm sending you lots of good labor karma! Come on out, little guy... :)

Blogger Silly Hily said...

Remember, I guesses he would come on Monday. Not that that means a single damn thing, but you know, that's what I guessed.
I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I hope at some point during this holiday weekend you are able to visit the inside of a hospital room. (Huh, never really thought I would say such a thing.)

Blogger Alison said...

Isn't it weird to think that they really only have a small distance to go, and yet labor can take so long!? Best of luck to you!

Anonymous audrey said...

I love that you wrote that appointment on your calendar. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Blogger Kellie said...

SO EXCITING!! I hope he's like his Mommy and doesn't miss appointments, either :)

Blogger Liz said...

I so clearly remember having a very frank discussion with my belly, along the lines of "feel free to vacate the premises...NOW!"

Have a great holiday weekend and I hope you get to push that baby boy out out OUT! TOMORROW!

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