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Thursday, May 24, 2007
T minus 2 days
As Isabel pointed out, I need to be updating here every day now. Sorry if anyone happened to think I was in labor today due to my lack of posting earlier. I sure as hell wish I was in labor, but nope!

Unfortunately, I am here at work. While I was anchoring the news I even compared myself to a circus elephant that we did a story on today. Everyone at work is cracking up that I feel like an elephant right now, but it's totally true.

This kid needs to find the nearest vagina and make a speedy exit!

Up next... stripping of the membranes tomorrow! God, I really need to come up with something else to talk about! :)


Blogger Kellie said...

You'll have plenty to talk about in a week...or whenever you're back to blogging.

You may feel like an elephant (I knnow I did), but you're cute as hell and have done a wonderful job baking that boy!!

Blogger Melissa said...

I had my membranes stripped 6 days after my due date--you won't feel a thing.

I also remember very well how those last days dragged on and on... And then the whole first month after having the baby went by in a blur. But just think, very soon you'll be able to see your ankles again! Although I doubt you'll be paying much attention to them when you have a beautiful little boy to stare at in wonder. :) Hang in there!

Blogger Lizarita said...

I bet you're the cutest elephant out there. You look FABULOUS!


Anonymous alyndabear said...

Isabel is totally right. Updates ahoy! :D

Blogger Rachel said...

Maybe if you stand real close to another woman, he will choose that va-jay-jay to come out of and save you the pain!

Enjoy the membrane stripping. Melissa said she didn't feel it, but OMG I did! But it's a quick process!

Blogger Alison said...

At least you can spend the long weekend together with the hubby??? Maybe a little memorial day bbq will tempt him out! Good luck!

Blogger Isabel said...

Ahhh..thanks for the update. I had just sort of assumed you had had the baby and didn't have time to update. :-)

You are still at work? You rule.

It's getting closer and closer. I'm so freakin' excited.

Blogger Frema said...

I hope the nearest vagina is yours! ;)

Blogger Silly Hily said...

Find the nearest vagina and exit. HA! That's was hilary-ous.

And nope, nothing else to talk about.

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