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Thursday, May 17, 2007
I think I lost my mucus plug (or part of it, anyway) this afternoon. Um, all I can say is that it's kind of gross. Unfortunately, like every other freaking symptom out there, this doesn't mean I'm going to go into labor soon.

I ran from the bathroom to Google "mucus plug." Okay, I actually waddled from the bathroom. But whatever. I was envisioning that I'd read, "You are going to go into labor in 8 hours! Congratulations!" or "Yes, you just passed snot from your special place. Baby is soon to follow."

Nope. Sorry. My persistent googling only revealed that labor could be "days or even weeks away." Weeks away? Aw hell no!

Speaking of imminent labor.... ya'll have any predictions about when he'll finally arrive?


Blogger L Sass said...

Sad to say, my friend Heath lost her mucus plug a full-on TWO weeks before she went into labor.

Don't shoot the messenger!

I guess May 21st...

I'll throw May 24 into the pool. Afternoon of May 24.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't give any insight to the whole plug thing. I didn't have the chance to have that specialness happen :)

My prediction?? May 23rd, 5:24 pm, 7 lbs, 7 oz, 20 1/2 inches long.


Blogger Isabel said...

EWWWWW, in deed. At least you know it will happen eventually.

How about May 29th...JFK's birthday.

Anonymous Claire said...

Hmm.. I bet you are kind of excited now, huh? Wow!

I know that this doesn't necessarily mean all that much, as per google, but my betting is that he is on his way out of there!

My cousin recently gave birth to a baby girl - and she was due april 12th - she gave birth april 23rd - she had been induced but that didn't work so she was finally given a caesarean. What you have to remember is that due dates are guess work in the general sense.

Thus, my guess is that he will be arriving - May 21st in the evening. You are tiny, your bump is all at the front. So, he will be about 7lb, you will drop 21lb at least instantly (baby - placenta - water) and then we can all see the pics and hear the name :-)


Blogger Liz said...

I'm just going to say Sunday.

I have no idea why.

Most likely because I'm impatient like that.

So, either Sunday or (don't kill me!) June 1st--my brother's birthday!

Blogger Melissa said...

I started losing my plug in large blobs (lovely, isn't it?) about 3 weeks before Oliver arrived. (He ended up being born 11 days past my due date.) My guess for you is May 25. :)

Blogger Rachel said...

I don't remember ever losing my mucus plug with my oldest. I ended up going into labor 3 days before her due date.

With Alyssa, she was a month early, so I really didn't lose it with her.

Supposedly, sex and more sex can help induce labor. Or maybe I should say, an orgasm can help induce labor because it contracts the uterus.

Blogger Alison said...

I know its weird to celebrate but YAY, at least that means there is some progress happening! I can't say I can report any such excitement. I predict he comes right on time on his due date! Good luck!

Blogger Jennifer said...

Just checking in....Maybe you've already given birth.

I never lost my mucus plug either time.

Blogger Silly Hily said...

I know I left a comment on this post. I know I did and now I don't see it. Oh well, I said some thing about the mucus plug yada yada yada but what I want to make sure of is that I'm guessing he'll be born on Monday, May 28...Memorial Day.

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