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Monday, May 14, 2007
Still here
Not that I would delude myself to think that I have a bunch of rabid readers who are refreshing frequently for any updates... but here's an update! No baby yet... and 12 days to go until my due date.

We had a really nice weekend and enjoyed dinner out both nights. We also snuggled and napped together in the afternoon on both Saturday and Sunday. I figure we better enjoy it now, because all that is about to change soon!

We also completely finished the nursery! Everything is ready, and I hung the curtains and valance on Saturday. I took a bunch of pictures last night, and will add them here soon (hopefully tomorrow). And yes, my hospital bag is packed! I can't believe it's almost time!

Not much else is going on. We're just playing the waiting game now... let's hope we don't wait too long. :)


Blogger L Sass said...

Sad. I had dinner with a friend on Friday. She is T-12 days, too. The woman was gigantic! Let's hope both of your babies come SOON!

Blogger janet said...

Do you think the little guy will come early? I'm glad you and the hubby got to chill and just enjoy each other. Can't wait for nursery pics!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you and the hubby had a nice weekend...looking forward to the pictures :)

Blogger Silly Hily said...

You're a smart girl, getting those naps in now.

Blogger Melissa said...

The big day will be here before you know it! The last few weeks before Oliver was born seemed to drag on FOREVER at the time (especially because he was 11 days late), but looking back now, it seems like they flew by in a blur! It's good you're relaxing and enjoying this time. The baby is probably chilling out too and getting ready to meet you. :) YAY!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do have rabid readers that want to know the minute baby F is born. Make sure to let us know when the little guy makes his appearance.

Blogger Lizzy said...

Aw, this makes me a little weepy, remembering the end of my own pregnancy. I was so impatient and uncomfortable, but I remember those afternoon cuddles and quiet times of anticipation and talking about what we think it will be like when the baby is here. I remember those like yesterday--such wonderful memories to hang on to!
The nursery is adorable, such a warm and welcoming place for you little one.
I check back (rabidly! and rapidly!) for updates. Anxious and excited for you!
Also: Happy Mother's Day!

Blogger Rachel said...

Cuddle and snuggle all you can! And, that is so sweet that you guys took the time to do that.

Glad you finally packed your bag! Any day now and he will be here!

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