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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
T minus 3 days
With my due date approaching, this is all feeling sort of surreal. Have we really made it this far? Wow!

I had another doctor's appointment last night, and we made some more progress. I'm actually dilating now (although it's only a "fingertip" so far). I'm now 75% effaced, and my cervix is soft and almost ready to go. Baby is still very low and in the starting gate for labor.

My doctor tried to strip my membranes, but since my cervix is only a fingertip dilated, she said she couldn't actually do it. She could feel the amniotic sac, though, and said it was "right there" and bulging a little. Let me tell you, it was loads of fun to lie there as she fished around inside my hoo-ha. I'm glad she warned me that it wasn't going to be comfortable, because otherwise I would have jumped three feet off the examining table! My doctor has scheduled another appointment for me to come back on Friday to do the stripping (sounds sexy, doesn't it?) and hopefully that will kickstart labor.

But if nothing happens after that, I have an office visit set up for 3 days after my due date. My doctor says I could schedule an induction if I make it to that appointment, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel!


Blogger Kellie said...

How exciting!! I can't's been so cool to be a "part" of this pregnancy...thanks for sharing with all of us!!


Blogger L Sass said...

So soon!!!! You're totally going to make it!!

Blogger Melissa said...

Friday is the day I picked for you, so I hope it works! Hang in there...

I hope everything goes smoothly!

Blogger Rachel said...

When I was preggie with my oldest, my doctor stripped my membranes and I went into labor the next day!!

Good luck!!

Blogger Silly Hily said...

I hope her stripping your membranes helps.
Beware though, as you probably know after his last visit, it will not be "comfortable."

Blogger Lizzy said...

I was induced the day before my due date because the baby was measuring large.
That stripping of the membranes? Very uncomfortable! But hopefully will help you progress.
So. Exciting.

Blogger Jennifer said...

yay! Hey when they 'fish around' up there, often times it gets things moving on their own. It did for me, almost immediately!! So maybe tonight you'll start feeling some regular contractions :)

I hope everything goes well!

Anonymous Jane said...

It's so exciting isn't it! I was only a fingertip last Wed and went into labor on Thursday morning. Baby was born Friday... still haven't updated my blog... somehow right now it's easier to just read others right now... less thought involved. Take care!

Anonymous alyndabear said...


I have no idea what all these pregnancy procedures involve (except the word hoo-ha! classic!) but I guess I'd rather remain blissfully unaware until it's my turn.

Sounds like things are DEFINITELY full speed ahead. Yay Kelly!

Blogger Isabel said... updates??!! This close to the due date teh interweb expects DAILY UPDATES!!!

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