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Friday, May 04, 2007
I think I'll keep him around
You know you have yourself a good baby-daddy when you arrive at work to find a delivery box on your desk, with this inside:

Yeah, my husband sent this Vermont Teddy Bear to me, as a little pick-me-up during these final few weeks of baby-baking. Not only does she have a little pregnant belly, but of course she's armed with an ice cream cone, topped with a dill pickle! :)

Love my husband. So sweet.


Blogger Kellie said... nice!! The bear is adorable...

Blogger Rachel said...

Gah, I love your husband too! That is so sweet of him to realize what your going through and try to make you feel better! He is going to be a super daddy!

Blogger L Sass said...

Best husband ever!! That is adorable!

Blogger Isabel said...

I think the pickle is the best part.

Super sweet.

Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm jealous!

So sweet!

Blogger Melissa said...

Heeee! I love it!

Blogger Alison said...

Yay! What a good hubby. I've tried subtly suggesting to my husband that he should bring me a gift in the hospital after the baby is born. Even pointed out a little something with *diamonds* on it I might like. He's not getting it!

Anonymous Jane said...

Wow.. I thought I was lucky, when my husband finally agreed that he is ready for the baby to come any day... I think it's mostly because he's sick of my complaining!!

Cute bear!!

Blogger Lizzy said...

That's adorable.

The pickle is totally the best!

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