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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Is there a doctor in the house??
Happy to report that I did not need to bitch slap the doctor last night. She intelligently skimmed over the issue of my weight and just said, "Blood pressure looks good, weight is fine, urinalysis is fine, too." I won't take that as affirmation of my admittedly questionable eating habits (ice cream for breakfast, anyone?) but it wasn't as bad as I thought. Oh, and if you are keeping track, I've gained about 35 pounds. But I swear, it's all in my belly. And maybe just a little in my ass and thighs. But only a little. The power of positive thinking, right?

Speaking of the belly, I'll need to post a new pic of myself soon. I haven't taken a pic for a few weeks, so I'm sure there will be a dramatic visual difference. This weekend I'll be 34 weeks! That means I should only have about 6 weeks to go. And if this boy would come a little bit early, his mama would be so happy. But I'm not counting on that!

I do need to pick the brains of all you moms (and non-moms, too... if you have any ideas). I'm meeting with our (potential) pediatrician tonight, and I need some questions to ask him. That way I'll look like a sooper smarrtt mother who is oh-so-involved-in-her-child's-healthcare. Any suggestions of things I should ask? Issues that I might not be thinking about? Help a newbie out, here!


Blogger Kellie said...

I failed at the new mommy asking baby doctor questions thing. I met with my daughter's pediatrician after an emergency with her and her own ped failed to return my frantic phone calls. But, he met my requirements: friendly, not rushed, didn't make me feel like an idiot with questions I asked, gave me four different ways to reach him and his wife (small practice...bonus points, I thought).

Find out about after hour calls...if your son needs to be seen, will the dr or another on call meet you at the office or will you have to take him to an ER/Urgent Care center. Will your son see the same doctor 90% of the time? This was a concern for me. Our first ped had 9 doctors. While that's great for always being able to get in right away, the downfall is you don't always get the same doc. I wanted one that would be familiar with my child and only need a quick scan of her chart to be caught up. Not someone who'd never seen her and pretended he/she knew about her.

As always, I suck at giving mommy advice. It's a freaking miracle my daughter is thriving as well as she is :)

Blogger L Sass said...

Of course, I know nothing about this, but I think the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the doctor--that he'll answer your questions, not make you feel stupid and take your concerns seriously.

At least, that's what I look for in a doctor for myself!

Blogger Melissa said...

I was all prepared with a bunch of questions before Oliver was born, and then most didn't apply to him, so I replaced them with a bunch of other questions! Most moms probably do the same because babies are all so unique.

I think a good general thing to know is for illness or emergencies (fever, vomiting, injury, etc) when to call/see the doctor versus what situations they would prefer you to go straight to an ER, so that a) you are not freaking out and b) you do not waste their time or yours. I keep a list of these things (e.g. what fever temp to give Tylenol and how much, and what fever temp to go to ER) so I'd know what to do and won't have to call them in a panic.

Blogger Rachel said...

I'm not sure what questions you should ask. Just be sure you don't feel rushed and that the doctor listens to you and answers the questions you do ask fully.

Maybe ask if they have a night or weekend clinic should the baby get sick during those hours. What are the views on ear infections, antibiotics ALL the time (not necessary)? When do they schedule the well-baby checkups as opposed to sick child visits. Obviously you do not want to take your 2 month old in for his checkup and be sitting next to some kid with strep throat.

Blogger Jennifer said...

I agree with the other commenters about questions...I didn't ask the right ones.

Get a feeling for what type of doc this is, a worrier, stress you out kind of doctor or someone on the other end of the spectrum and verrrrrry laid back.

As far as the weight gain, don't fret too much! Many of my friends, including myself lost all the weight plus some. I owe it all to breastfeeding.

And, I'll be 35 weeks this weekend, so we're very close!

Blogger Frema said...

I just found out I'm pregnant and already I'm thinking about this. Here's a great entry from Ask Moxie that brings up some great points:

Good luck!

Blogger Frema said...

I don't know why the full link didn't post. Try this.

Blogger Shauna said...

Figure out what's important to you. For example, if breastfeeding is important to you, make sure your pediatrician supports that and isn't the type to say "oh, just switch to formula."

I was concerned about things like:
* if I need my pediatrician off-hours, how easy are you to contact and will I be talking to *you* or another doctor that you rotate call
* ask for references - current or former patients

I'd even go to the maternity ward where you plan to deliver and see what their opinions are of the pediatrician. They'll have good idea of how easy the doctor is to work with. But, they might not be willing to answer such questions.

Good luck!

Anonymous Jane said...

We meet with our pediatrician next week... I had a bunch of questions in my head last night as I was falling asleep and now the only one I can think of is to ask the dr if they test for GERD... because my father-in-law and husband both had that (apparently my husband didn't spit up... he projectile vomited) I would like to avoid that! The after hours thing is very important too! Plus maybe ask about what other tests they do in the hospital , like how thoroughly do they test hearing!!

Anonymous marnie said...

Well, I'm not a mommy so my first question would have to be... which end is up?

Don't listen to me... there is probably a very good reason why I haven't reproduced.

Did you watch Notes from the Underbelly? So funny...

Ask if they give the new Rotavirus vaccine... it is oral and they just started it at my doctors office and I am soooooooo thankful!

Blogger CPA_Mom said...

you can print it out. Baby will be a good resource for you from now on...

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