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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Footsie wootsie
I was on such a good roll with updating my blog recently, and then things sort of fell apart late last week.

First, my husband had to have surgery on his foot. Then I spent all weekend taking care of him and had barely any time to myself. Then Monday came around and all hell broke loose at my television station after the tragedy at Virginia Tech. I'm just now coming up for some air.

Thanks for your suggestions on things to ask the pediatrician. We met with the doctor and were really, really happy with him. First of all, he spent nearly an hour with us, and we were his last appointment of the night. Rather than rush through our meeting to get home, he was friendly and took lots of time to explain how the practice operates. He has a real passion for his job, and says the doctors in this practice will not turn away a sick child. They've been known to make office appointments up to midnight if that is what it takes to see everyone who needs care. We were also very happy to learn that even though this is a group practice, we can have our son seen by this one pediatrician all the time, rather than hop from one doctor to another. So, overall, a very good visit, and we're definitely going with this pediatrician.

On to my poor hubby. Jason has a pretty interesting condition called Accessory Navicular Syndrome, which is fancy wording for "has extra bones in his feet which are pretty painful." Actually, about 10 percent of the population has this extra bone, but only a small amount have a lot of pain. Jason's one of those few. His tendons are stretched over this bone, and his feet ache and throb when he spends a lot of time on them. Plus, it's pretty crazy looking, too. He has a big bump just below his ankle... that actually looks like a second ankle. You can kinda see it in this crappy cell phone pic I took of his foot.

After trying all kinds of shoe inserts and orthotics, the pain just wasn't going away, so he had to get surgery. And now that bump is gone. And now I have this hilarious pic of my husband in a hairnet. He looks so pleased, no? You'd think he'd be happy about getting his picture taken just before a surgeon slices into his foot!

The surgery went well, but Jason has to be in a hard cast for four weeks, then a walking cast for another four weeks. Right now, and until the hard cast comes off, he is on crutches and can't bear any weight on his foot. If you're keeping track, that means he won't be out of the cast and off crutches until I am 38 weeks pregnant. I know.... it's not the best timing. But we figured it would be way worse for him to wait and have the surgery after the baby is born, because he can't do much when he's on crutches.

In other news, a good friend of mine just had her baby girl on Monday. She was actually due about 2 weeks before me, but went into labor at 36 weeks. Holy crap! That means I am next! And if this boy comes early, my aching back would rejoice, but I would then be stuck with an infant and also another baby (who goes by the name of Jason) who both need a lot of TLC. Bottom line: this child better not be born before 38 weeks! But if that did happen, oh, the crazy stories I could tell!


Blogger Rachel said...

Wow, your pregnancy seems to have gone by really fast! Not to you, I'm sure.

Hopefully the little one will wait until his Daddy is 100% before making his debut!

Blogger L Sass said...

Uffda. Take care of baby jason--he's going to owe you come labor time!

Blogger Kellie said...

I can't believe your boy will be here soon...seems like not too long ago I was reading your "Hey, I'm knocked" story :)

Hope Jason heals fast!

Blogger Melissa said...

Here's hoping baby waits to arrive until his daddy is back on his feet! Hang in there!

Blogger janet said...

okay, maybe I'm crazy but I've been staring at the foot picture for three minutes wondering what part of the foot that is and which way it is facing. I just don't see it!

Blogger Hil said...

It took me about five minutes to figure out the foot pic but I finally did it. I see it now. It was like one of those freaky pics that you have to stare at before it becomes clear.
Poor Jason. Hope he has a speedy recovery! Good call on doing this BEFORE the baby.

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