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Monday, January 15, 2007
Design on my dime...
Leave it to me to turn what should be one of the most fun parts of expecting a baby... into something stressful. Figuring out what the hell to do with the nursery.

Here's the good part! We've picked out furniture. It's a nice classic looking white crib and changing table/dresser. I also got a new beautiful glider and ottoman off Ebay for more than $100 off what I'd have paid at Target. And I even got my indecisive self to commit to a theme! I must have had 30 bedding sets bookmarked on my computer, and I managed to MAKE A DECISION! And even go ahead and BUY it!

Check it out:

Here's why I like the "Playful Puppies" set:

1. We're huge animal lovers, and we especially adore dogs. The kid had better like dogs, too, or we will SEND HIM BACK!

2. I like that it's boyish, but not too much so. I wasn't wild about the car/truck/sport themed bedding.

3. It should be nice for baby to interact with and look at. I was this-close to going with a set from Pottery Barn that was pretty, but would provide zero stimulation or fun for him. This bedding set has all sorts of material, color, and stitching to touch and look at.

Now, I didn't go overboard and buy EVERYTHING you can see in that picture. I just got the bedding, the cute lampshade, the wall hanging, and the valance. The rest of the stuff was just puppy overload, even for me, and I likes the puppies.

But here's where I need help. I need to commit to a paint color. Actually, two paint colors. My plan was to install a chair rail in the room, and paint one color above the rail and one color below. Sort of like this:

You get the idea. But what paint colors should I use? I've been leaning toward a dark blue and a light blue. Then I could do a few light green accents, like little baskets or something. But there are other combinations. I could do a blue and a light green paint. Or blue and cream. Or green and cream. GAHHHH!

Help a girl out and tell me what you think might look nice. Winner gets the right to gloat over how great her decorating taste is. And more internet hugs from me. Cuz I loves ya.


Blogger SJ said...

Ok, I can't tell what color it is exactly, but how about doing the bottom in the color that best matches the roof of the dog house (I'm guessing it's navy blue) with a white chair rail, then the puppy dog brown on top? I think personally if you go with any green, your cute and adorable bed set and accessories will get lost....

I like to take risks :)

Blogger Silly Hily said...

I think you should do blue on the bottom and that light green color on top. The blue valance and lamp shade will look good against the green paint. Oh, and white chair rail, for sure.
Love the bedding!

Blogger Kellie said...

I'd do blue on the bottom and light green on top. But, I'm not good at color picking. I LOVE the set you picked out. The set I picked out was cute and would "grow" with her for the next few years..didn't scream BABY! Looking forward to what you decide and to seeing pics of the nursery when it's done :)

Blogger Nikki said...

I'd go with green on top and cream on the bottom....coordinates the bedding together nicely. Our master bedroom was green and cream and it was gorgeous...until I painted over it this past weekend...HA.

Love, love, love the bedding set. TOO cute!

Anonymous Jill said...

I'm leaning toward a dark blue on the bottom and a light tan color on the top, similar to the top color that is in the example photo. That would be attractive with the (adorable) bedding you've selected and I think it would adapt well as the boy grows.

Blogger Stephanie said...

Hi! Delurking here! I love the bedroom set you have chosen. My recommendation is light blue on the top and light green on the bottom with a white chair rail. You can accent with navy blue and brown baskets and accessories. The darker the colors you use, the smaller the room will feel. If you keep it light, the room will seem large and airy. When he gets older, you could go with an outdoorsy theme easily.

Blogger L Sass said...

I like the two blue colors--I think it makes the room more flexible for when he starts having opinions of his own.

Gah! He's not even born yet, and already I have him redecorating.

Blogger Rachel said...

I think you should do the cream on the top and the light blue on the bottom or light green on the top and light blue on the bottom. I love the bedding set, it's adorable.

Blogger Mrs. CPA said...

Just get ready because all of the boy clothing is going to either have sports, racecars, trucks, or dogs on it. Maybe stripes if you are lucky. Sometimes all of it if you are not.

I like the cream/blue or green combo idea best. That way, if you ever sell your house, it won't be too boyish and you won't have to worry about it!

Blogger HollowSquirrel said...

Love the pattern-- we picked animals, too, over trucks/sports. I like a combo of light blue/light green, but hell it's difficult to decide with the puppy overload picture. I'm sneezing just looking at it. Just so ya know, we painted a chair rail in our guest room -- every person who visits/stays in it comments on how cool it is or thinks it's a real chair rail, but it's just painted and it wasn't difficult. I can send you a link to our family website to see if, if you want. We only did it so we wouldn't have to buy/cut/sand/paint wood and eventually rip it out when I changed my mind.

THe room will look awesome, no matter what! How exciting!

Anonymous marnie said...

I love the apple green color.. I always lean towards that because it is my personal favorite. Blue and green I say.

I'm anti-chair rail so I would tend to paint everything green, with blue accents.

Blogger isabel said...

I love the set. Too cute. OH my gosh, seriously, too cute!

I love the idea of two colors. Have you thought about wainscoating on the bottom?? I love that look right now.

Anyway, you asked for suggestions, so here goes. I say put some green on the walls. Green and blue will be very cute.

Blogger goldmoon said...

You are so incredibly prepared, you make me sick!! We were lucky to get the crib set up and the room painted. And that didn't happen until late in my third trimester!

PS I LOVE the puppies!

Blogger Silly Hily said...

You do realize it's been almost a month....right! Don't make me get out my freshest can of whoop ass.

Blogger Catwoman said...

I just discovered your blog through another! :)

I love, love, love the bedding! We've done the chair rail as well, and it looks really cute! I think you really can't go wrong with any of the color combinations, but if you are going to do a color that's much darker, keep it on the bottom to not make the room look small. And chair rail should be put up about 1/3 of the way up on the wall.

Otherwise, it looks like you have a lot of conflicting color options here, so you can't go wrong with any of them! :)

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