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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Willpower (or lack thereof)
Uh, oh. We have a problem. What could possibly be wrong, you ask? This:

I am currently 24 weeks pregnant.

Last week I found out that I have already gained 20 pounds.

This means that sticking to a target weight gain of 20-25 pounds for the whole pregnancy is about as likely as Britney acquiring some class, quitting the late night clubbing, and putting on some freaking underwear, already!

So, yep. I am officially getting huge. And at this rate, I betcha I will gain close to 40 pounds during this pregnancy. Forty pounds on a normally petite woman who is 5' 2" on a That spells trouble, my friends.

I swore to myself that I would eat better! Drink more water! Cut out unhealthy food! Yeah, good luck with that, Kel. I am eating somewhat better, but I am having a tough time avoiding sweets and treats (especially the ones that get put out at work for everyone to dig through. Ever stepped back and watched that? Everyone rushing to the food and shoving it in their mouths? Sorta disgusting. But I am right there with them.)

Bottom line is that I just feel hungry a lot! And even though I try to behave, I keep screwing up. Take today for example... I pack a bunch of healthy snacks/lunch options and I still ate lunch out. Here's the breakdown for today:

7am Breakfast: Cheerios & milk, with sliced banana
10:30 am: Mini bagel (120 calories) and lite yogurt (100 calories)
12:30 Lunch: Meatball sub with mozzarella (gazillion calories, and I ate every bite!)
1:30pm: Two homemade chocolate chip cookies (damn coworkers and their baking!)
3pm: Apple

That's nowhere near as bad as other days. Yesterday I had a craving for cheese and I ate nearly a half a block of cheddar. Ugh, I loathe myself sometimes.

Anyway, the only consolation is that I don't seem to be gaining a ton of weight all over. It's mostly contained to my belly, which is growing at an amazing rate. I'll have new belly pics soon. No denying I am pregnant now! And even if you didn't see my belly, the sight of me stuffing my face constantly would be a great clue that there's a baby on the way.


Blogger Kellie said...

I gained 48 pounds while I was pregnant. It was all belly and boobs :) I'm also 5 inches taller than you!! A good friend of mine is 5'3", she gained 35 pounds and looked like she swallowed a basketball. All baby....

Happy to see you back (??)....what was the final decision on the baby's room?

Blogger CPA Mom said...

I gain about 40 lbs with each and lost it all within a few months. It's the rest of the weight from prepregnancy I can't get rid of.

At least it goes to your belly. Mine went to my A**.

My friend gained about 50 pounds, and she is just 5'2". And it wasn't just in her belly, it was all over. Her face, arms, legs, feet. Poor thing was so miserable by the end. At least you're not on that path!

Blogger Erika said...

Whose target is that, your doctor's or yours? I thought one pound for each week of pregnancy was okay...

I got like you after an 11 pound gain in one month and tried to track stuff on but it was TOO DEPRESSING.

Blogger L Sass said...

My friend who just had a baby is about 5'3" and was very slim before her pregnancy. She gained 50 pounds. Six months of tending to her newborn later, she looks totally normal. Judging from the rest of your comments, I think there are lots of reasons not to worry!!

Blogger Silly Hily said...

I wouldn't worry. Especially if it's all in your belly. YOu are going to have those cravings and I dare you to go find a pregnant woman who has been able to resist them. Did you find her? Yeah, not gonna. She doesn't exist.
Give yourself a break. At least you are still eating your fruit. That counts for something. And a lot of times petite women gain more than non-petite women. Try to keep it under control, give that baby some padding, and then work like hell to get it off after he's born. (I know, sucky advice.)

Blogger Rachel said...

I gained 60 with my last one and I'm 5'5. You're doing just fine!

Blogger Isabel said...

I bet your weight gain starts to even out. Don't worry too much. Just continue to *try* to make smart choices.

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