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Sunday, February 11, 2007
I got off my lazy butt this weekend and I actually took some more pictures! And I uploaded them to Flickr. And I uploaded them from Flickr to Blogger! Deserve major pats on back for this accomplishment.

Though a little dark, here's my most recent belly pic, taken Saturday night before we went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday. I'm 25 weeks exactly in this photo.

This one's a little dark too (guess I need to teach Jason how to take pics properly) but I'll share it anyway... close up of the belly. Side note... my rings are a little tight, but I refuse to take them off. Don't wanna have people at the Walmart looking down their noses at me and thinking I'm some unwed mother or something. Not that there's anything wrong with that. And yes, I have noticed that people look at the belly, and then scope out my left hand for a ring. Klassy.

Of course I'll share a nekkid belly shot. I know that's the only reason you come here, anyway. Say it with me... "oh, my."

Though at this point his only duties include random kicking, inciting killer backaches, and contributing to the stretching of his mother's stomach, this boy will arrive soon. And when he does, he'll need a place to sleep. We cleared out his room over the weekend!

And we even taped it off for painting! We did decide on colors... bottom half is a darker blue color, and the upper half is a light cream that matches his bedding. Since we have "babyish" looking bedding and accessories, I wanted to keep the rest of the room understated. Unfortunately, we didn't get around to actually painting. Laziness kicked in and we spent the rest of Sunday on the couch. Ahhhh.

I took a bunch more pics, too... of the recent wood floors we installed and the overhaul we did to our laundry room. I'll have to post those next time. Anyway, gotta get to bed! Nite!


Blogger janet said...

you look fabulous, as always! thanks for the check-in :)

Blogger L Sass said...

Love it! I have to admit, I look for rings on pregnant women, too... then again, I look for rings on most women. There is some serious bling walking around NYC and I'm always checking it out.

Blogger Lucky Gem said...

I was right there with you on the taking off the rings. Mine got a little tight the last few weeks, but I refused to take them off for fear people would think I wasn't married. I'm glad to know I'm not the only insane one...not that you're insane.

Blogger Lizzy said...

you look fantastic, thanks for sharing!
i'm sure you've heard it before, but if you think your extra pregnant now...just wait! but enjoy every minute of it, it's such an incredible journey.
the room looks awesome, too.
happy birthday!

Blogger Nikki said...

You look great!

Happy birthday!

Be sure to post more pics when youy paint the room. I know it will look awesome.

Blogger SJ said...

You and your little pregnant self look fabulous!

Can't wait to see pictures of the nursery when it's done. How exciting!

Anonymous Erika said...

I got fake rings when I was pregnant, really bling bling ones like Jennifer Garner's!! I didn't want to look unwed.

Blogger Silly Hily said...

Yeah, Jason needs to work on that lighting. :-)
You look adorable, as always.
I can't wait to see the room when you two finish it. It's going to be so cute.

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