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Thursday, February 15, 2007
Happy F'ing Valentines Day
How did you spend your Valentine's Day? Aw, how nice. You got to relax in a hot tub with your sweetie, drizzled each other with chocolate, and then ate each other for dessert? Sounds divine.

How did I spend my Valentine's Day? It started by waking up to six inches of snow outside, with freezing rain on top. Fun. Now, lots of people might be able to call out of work when Mother Nature takes a big white dump, but not me! I work in television news. You know, that glamorous business where I am so lucky to be on TV everyday? Ha. Snow days mean crazy work days. And snow means I MUST get to work. Even if I live 45 minutes away from said work.

I get my ass together, bundle up, and jump in my car. Thank god I have four wheel drive, because the snow/ice combo is not fun. I can barely get out of the driveway. The street isn't any better. It hasn't even been plowed yet.

I manage to get on the highway, and things are looking up. There aren't too many vehicles on the road, and even though there is lots of snow, it's not hard to drive through. I start to relax. Stupid girl.

7 miles into my 45 mile journey to work, I come upon a major traffic jam. Turns out that a bunch of tractor trailers are getting stuck in the snow while climbing a small hill. And lots of them are stuck. And the tow trucks come to rescue them are getting stuck, too.

It is now 8:30 am. I sit there, not moving an inch. For FOUR hours. Four fricking hours. By 10:30, I have to pee like nobody's business. By 11:15, I get to watch in jealousy as the driver sitting in front of me gets out of his truck, whips out his weiner, and colors the snow yellow. At this point I wish I had a penis. By 11:30 I am so sick of all this and so bored that I TAKE A DAMN NAP. Sitting on the interstate, sleeping in my car. This is how confident I was that we were not going anywhere, any time soon.

During all of this, I am in touch with my work. I mention that I am so frustrated I wish I could just drive a few miles south and go home. They say they don't care how long it takes me to get there, but I had better get there, because it "wouldn't be fair" to let me go home just because it has taken me five hours to travel 7 miles. Nice.

Finally, at 12:30, we start to move. Slowly. I don't end up getting to work until 2pm. I should have been there at 9:30am. You do the math.

Thank god the drive home wasn't bad. But I get home to find my husband in a crappy mood and here's how the night unfolds. 1. I make dinner. 2. We eat in front of the television. 3. He falls asleep on couch at 8pm. 4. I wake him up to go upstairs and watch TV. 5. He goes up and is asleep before I even get there. 6. I spend rest of evening on computer. To his credit, he did send me flowers at work the day before Valentine's Day, which was nice.

But was I ever glad to see yesterday come to a close. What a shitty day.


Sorry your Valentine's Day sucked. Maybe you should just blow it off and try for a nice romantic day on a completely different day, like February 17 or something. You won't have to compete with Valentine's crowds for dinners or anything like that!

Blogger Kellie said...

Yeah, that is a pretty crap ass way to spend ANY day. Sorry :(

Blogger L Sass said...

Wow. That is awful!!! You should totally ask for a do-over next week!

Blogger JP said...

Yay for PA maintaining it's poor road maintainence reputation.

Blogger Mrs. CPA said...

I once sat on the highway for 6 hours between Little Rock and Conway, Arkansas. Thank God I had a McAlisters cup, or I would have been in deep trouble. I finally turned around and went through the median and went on a back road, which was miraculously clear. I feel your pain. And I'm sorry your Valentines day sucked.

Blogger Rachel said...

Sorry that your V-day sucked so bad. Hope the rest of the week is much much better.

Anonymous alyndabear said...

You poor dear! I can't believe your work wanted you in there SO BADLY! :(

Blogger Silly Hily said...

You took a nap on the interstate? Girl, that's a major sucky day! Just think though, next V-Day you'll have a little one to cuddle while Jason sleeps. :-)

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