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Thursday, January 11, 2007
Internet hugs for everyone!
I really need to get my ass in gear, and start posting some real updates, instead of this "oh my gosh I am having a baby and it's boy and I must be the first woman ever to carry a kid I feel so special!"

I'm feeling like baby-talk is about all I am capable of right now, so I gotta apologize if I'm just boring you to death lately! Really, there ARE other things happening right now in my life!

Like at work, where I had to explain to my boss what a MILF was. That was fun. Somehow I think the whole conversation was a violation of 15 company policies.

And at home, where we have moved on from installing hardwood floors, to laying a tile floor in our laundry room. Truth be told, though, these home renovations are directly related to the baby baking in my belly. My husband is going through some mad nesting right now. The poor thing is excited but feeling very anxious about finishing every big project we ever planned on/wanted to do... before the kid's arrival. I'm seriously having to order Jason to sit the hell down already and RELAX! This reminds me, I still owe ya'll some pictures of all these projects... the final product is verrry pretty.

I'm at work right now and I could talk about the story I have to do today, about a 25 year old jerkoff who knocked up a girl at age 13 and age 15. Nice, huh?

But really, I'd rather talk about my baybeee. :) I'm feeling more movement now, and some pretty good kicks from the little guy. It's so cool. And I have more belly pics! Because SillyHily sounded serious when she called me a bitch and demanded pictures pronto. LOL.

Here I am, in a picture snapped by BabyDaddy last night.

I can't believe how big I'm getting! I'm almost 21 weeks now, so I still have a lot longer to go. How big am I gonna get? Yikes!

Here's the "naked" shot.

Oy. We are growing like crazy over here. But the more I grow, the more I wonder how the hell this boy is getting *out* of my belly. And that's when I start to feel a little panicky. Somehow, most of the time, I delude myself into thinking that one day I will be all big and pregnant, and the next day, I'll have a sweet smelling little newborn in my arms. I don't consider what happens in between. Is that stupid of me? For now, I think I'll stay in happy-land, until I'm forced to face the reality. :)


Blogger Erika said...

It's not stupid at all! It worked for me!

Blogger Happy Working Mom said...

Take it from someone who's done it twice and wants to do it get so "fat" (not really it's obviously the baby, but you feel fat) and miserable at the end that you don't care how it comes out, you just want it out! The same thing for the don't care how they get that medicine in you, you just want it there, NOW!

You look so cute! And talking about the movement makes me want another one now (must wait...#2 was a pain and he's just now a piece of cake and I'm really enjoying them but the memories of how hard he was are still too fresh...must wait, must wait - have I convinced myself yet?)

Blogger Lizzy said...

Yes...just stay in Happy Land.
But I can tell you that the mind is a wonderful that you forget so quickly how the baby came out.
You look wonderful--radiant! And I think you'll only look more and more radiant as you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.
When your husband is done nesting over at your place? Yeah, send him right this way, please!

I think that's how the human population continues on... if everybody worried about the whole birthing process the whole time, it might scare too many people away. I understand a lot of people kind of block that experience from their memory after the fact as well.

You really do look wonderful!

Blogger Nikki said...

You look great!

21 time flies!

Blogger L Sass said...

A friend of mine who had a baby in September. She tried to tell us childless types what the birthing process was like, and we concluded that we didn't want to know. There's no way to get out of it, so why worry?

You look adorable, by the way!

Blogger Silly Hily said...

So all I gotta do is call you a bitch to get what I want? :-)

I want to second what everyone above me has already said. About how fabulous you look, about the birthing process, about the epidural, about wanting more, about sending Jason to my house....everything.

I remember the birth of my two just fine. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat...with another epidural.

Stay in happy-land. It's the best place to be.

Did I mention how freakin' cute you look?

Oh, and I'm so sorry you are having to work on such a horrible story. I hope that 25 year old "man" has his balls blown off one day. :-)

Blogger Kellie said... all the look so cute!! I know it's hard to feel that way (I had everyone telling me how "cute" and adorable" I looked and at the end, I wanted to shove bamboo in their eyes!!). As for getting the boy out..stay in Happy-Land. DO get the epidural..hell, be like me and get two!! I was SO freaked out about it but, took the wussy way out with an emergency C-section after two days of labor induction and 8 1/2 hrs. of labor. STOP feeling like you have to talk about other stuff...we want to hear about the baby and how it makes YOU feel. Feeling the baby move is a great feeling..I loved it. It's YOUR can talk about ANYTHING you want!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's your blog, chica-- so talk away! About whatever you want! I'm very excited for you & the family. You look radiant & tiny-- a long way to go! And I'm with Lizzy, you'll forget most of the pain stuff and be all "oh I'd do it wasn't THAT bad" even though in the thick of it, it's not the most fun ever. You'll be FINE! I promise! Keep us posted!!

Anonymous marnie said...

AWWW Kelly! You are so glowy and cute. I'm not bored with baby-talk. Feed my ovaries something please, they have been ignored for a long, lonnnng time.

Blogger CPA Mom said...

I for one, like hearing the baby stories. And the pictures. You are beautiful.

As for birth, get the drugs and you'll be fine!

Blogger Frema said...

I love your hair color!

Blogger Lucky Gem said...

OMG, the whole getting this baby out of my belly within the next two weeks is freaking me the f#%$ out!

Blogger SJ said...

You are so cute!!! Enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest, it's an amazing experience.

And keep us posted!

Blogger goldmoon said...

Hell, I'm four days from my due date and I still haven't considered how she's getting out!! So I think you're just fine!

Blogger Margarita said...

You better get some plug-in socket things for that outlet!!!!!!!!

Anonymous alyndabear said...

I've been away since January 7th, and I just have to say how gorgeous and glowing you look! :)

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