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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
the one i wish i didn't have to write
Thank you all so much for your thoughts and kind words. I've read and re-read them over the past couple of days when I needed a boost.

I'm sad to report that MomMom passed away Sunday morning. She fought really hard, but her heart was just too badly damaged to recover. We were all there with her and she looked so very peaceful.

I'm doing okay... I'm trying to just keep calm and healthy for the baby's sake. I'm also trying to remember to be grateful despite my sadness. I enjoyed 27 years with MomMom, and we have so many great memories. I've been luckier than most to have such a close relationship with my grandmother, and to have had her around for so long.

I'm especially grateful that she was here long enough to have known about the baby. Even if it was for just a short time, she seemed to get a lot of joy from anticipating her first greatgrandchild. Now I know that this little one will have a very special angel always watching over.

Thanks again to all of you. You really are wonderful friends. (( group hug!! ))


My sympathies and thoughts are with you. One of my grandmothers passed away earlier this year, but regretfully we never had a close relationship. Treasure those memories, maybe you could write them down to share with your baby someday.

Blogger Nikki said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Take care of yourself and your little one.

Blogger Silly Hily said...

Big hug.
I'm so sorry honey. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Your baby will definitely have a pretty amazing angel looking after it...always.

Blogger Lizzy said...

Oh Kelly, I'm so sorry for your loss.

My sympathies to you and your family.

I hope you'll find some solace in the new life you're brewing now. Your baby will definitely know how loved she is by you, and how much she is loved by her great grandmother.

Blogger L Sass said...

I am so sorry. You are in all of our thoughts!!

Blogger desiree said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I am glad that she got to know about your wee one. Life, and death, have a funny way of working out timing.

Anonymous Julie said...

Kelly, I am so sorry to hear about MomMom. I lost my Grandma a year ago, and we were close. It was the hardest thing at the time, but now when I look back I know that it was her time. I look forward to the day I see her again. I hope you have photos of your MomMom, and that you share them with your little one when he/she is old enough.

You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. We are here for ya. Hugs!h

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think it is so wonderful that you were with her when she passed and know that she was peaceful.

Please know that you already did make your MomMom a great-grandmother.

You'll be in my thoughts.


Blogger SJ said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. Losing loved ones is a tough situation, but now she's an angel. You and your family will be in my thoughts.

Blogger Rachel said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Just from reading your post about her, I can tell that even though they may never meet in this life, your son or daughter will know your MomMom no matter what. And she will see everything that baby does. I wish you well.

Blogger Kellie said...

First time I've read your blog and oh how sad I am!! I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even fathom the heartbreak you're dealing with!! Your MomMom will be smiling down upon you and your husband and the baby when he/shee arrived and she will forever be watching over all of you!! Take care--

Blogger Janet said...

I'm a little late here (sorry) but I just wanted to say I am so sorry for your loss. I loved your stories about your MomMom and it makes me want to call my grandma right now and tell her I love her lots!

Blogger goldmoon said...

I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you.

Blogger CPA Mom said...

you and yours are in my prayers through this difficult time. take care.

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