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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Tragedy hitting close to home
First, I want to thank everyone for their congratulations and well-wishes! You guys are the greatest! We're very excited, although it is still very early and there's always the slim chance that something could go wrong. Apparently I'm in my 6th week and I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Next week I will get an ultrasound, which I can't wait for! I'll have details about tomorrow's appointment as soon as I can!

I thought this post would be filled with happy baby news and details, but I have more sober thoughts on my mind right now. I'm sure you all heard about the shooting at the Amish school house in Pennsylvania. That school happens to be just an hour from my television station, and I was sent there yesterday when we heard the news on the police scanner. We were one of the first TV crews to arrive.

I am so very sad about this horrific event. So far, five little girls have died. Two of them were sisters, ages 7 and 8. Five other girls are clinging to life. Such a senseless, horrible act against a very peaceful and non-violent people. I was there all day yesterday and filed a number of reports live from the scene. If you'd like to watch them, go to this website:

That's the link to my biography... at the bottom of the page you'll see a list of my recent reports. The first three listed are from yesterday. I don't even know how much sense I made, because I did those reports within minutes of arriving on the scene, but I think it conveys just how crazy the whole situation is.

Please, keep these little girls and their families in your thoughts. As for me, I am having a hard time not thinking about them.


Blogger Isabel said...

I will be going to watch your video right now. But I wanted to comment first.

I don't know how you are dealing with this. I had to lock myself in the bathroom this morning and say a prayer. I mean, this is upsetting me so much. How are people this sick?? I can't handle it. I don't know if it's because I'm a Mom now, or what. But it is draining me.

Bless your heart for being there all day.

(can't wait for more baby news!)

Blogger Hilary said...

It does get more difficult to hear about these horrible things once you are a parent yourself. At least, I think so. It makes me sick to my stomach that someone, anyone could actually harm a child in any way, shape, or form.
I'm sorry that is how you had to spend your day yesterday dear. I don't get what the deal is with all of these school shootings.

Can't wait to hear about your doc appt.

Blogger Isabel said...

I just went and watched your video.

You are brave. I watched it and tried to imagine what it must have been like to have been there. It saddens me so much.

(but it was fun to get to see you!!)

Blogger lizziep901 said...

I soon as I heard about the shootings, I IMMEDIATELY thought of you and wondered how close you were and if you would be reporting. (creepy) I havent watched the videos yet, but I can only imagine how horrific that must have been for you. Keeping you and all of those families in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous jessica said...

You held it together very well. I am very impressed with your journalistic capabilities! But, that aside, seriously, what is wrong with people?!?!? Just last week the same thing happened in a Colorado high school, and I heard something similar happened in Missouri (maybe Mississippi? Some M state). Back when I was in high school (cause that was like a million years ago) this sort of the was unimaginable! Now it seems like they're getting more and more frequent.

I always hated stories of this nature (not necessarily the school shootings, just tragedies) and I was always just in the newsroom during the cut-ins and such. I couldn't deal with being in the field and experiencing the pain first hand. Good luck in the weeks to come and the follow-up.

Blogger CPA Mom said...

I watched two of your reports. I was very impressed with your journalist skill and with your poise and grace. I would have been a weeping, blubbering mess, especially if newly pregnant. I can not even begin to comment on the senseless tragedy. Thank you for sharing your reports with us. If may be your job, but you are still very brave to do it, and do it so well.

Blogger Janet said...

I agree with you and everyone about this terrible tragedy. It's totally senseless and just sad. Although I am not able to watch your videos (non-Mac compatible, I guess?) I am sure you were very professional in an incredibly tough situation. Yikes.

On a slightly happier note, my real world non-blogging bff is exactly as pg as you are -- maybe you can be pg buddies or something!!

Blogger AnnaBana said...

That is just awful, I can't believe you were actually there...So sad and senseless. Makes me glad I believe there's a hell.

Blogger Erika said...

It's so awful...even the girls that survive, will they ever get past it?

Blogger Deb said...

Congratulations! I know how excited you must be!!

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