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Friday, October 06, 2006
Hello, baby.
We had our first ultrasound this morning, and it went great! My doctor says the baby is measuring perfectly at 6 weeks, 6 days. It's about 9mm long right now, and we even saw a tiny blinking heartbeat!

Here's a picture of my little "belly bean!"

Yeah, I know. It just looks like a little blob, but that's MY blob! :) The little lump under the baby is the yolk sac. I'm so relieved to finally see what's going on in there!

The story of how I found out is hilarious. You see, the baby was a little bit of a surprise to us. Without going into too much detail, I normally ovulate way later than most normal women. I know this because I've been charting for about a year. But this last cycle, I actually O'd about 2 weeks early. And guess what happened!

It's funny, because I just felt weird... like something was odd with my body. I was expecting my period but hadn't seen anything yet. I was sort of crampy, but in an unusual way. In fact, I was chatting with SillyHily over email one day, and I mentioned that. She, of course, ordered that I go take a damn test, already! I just laughed it off and figured my period would show up soon.

Fast forward two days, and my patience runs out. I go buy a test and pee on the stick. The following frantic email messages ensued:

TO: SillyHily From: Kelly

Holy shit. Hil. I just broke down and bought one of those first response tests. THERE WERE TWO LINES. Oh my god. I am in shock.


FROM: SillyHily TO: Kelly

OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was just typing to someone else and saw your e-mail come up and only saw two words "oh shit" and was like, OH SHIT. I knew. So I clicked!
OH MY GOSH KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This totally sucks that I'm at work b/c I can't scream or say OH MY GOSH!
Is Jason at work?
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stop smiling.

That's right. My great internet buddy Hilary was the first to know! I waited until that night to tell Jason in person. I gave him four pregnancy tests (yes, I am obsessive!) wrapped in a box. And I got bibs for the dogs that said "big brother" and "big sister" on them. He was shocked, to say the least.

Today's ultrasound has me really excited now... it just seems... REAL! To think that our little baby's heart is blinking away right now just puts a grin on my face!


Blogger Mrs. CPA said...

Mr. Cheeks has a bib that says, My big sister is a St. Bernard.

My husband says he knew it was real, but he didn't think of it as "real" until he saw that first tiny picture.

I hope you have an uneventful and non throwing up pregnancy.

Blogger CPA Mom said...

It puts a big grin on my face too! I remember well the ultrasound days. And, at 6 weeks, both times, I started getting very very sick so I'm officially jealous of you. Good times. *grin*

Blogger Janet said...

that is a great story. however, it is totally convincing me to GET BACK ON THE PILL THIS VERY INSTANT!! :)

I'm so very excited for you guys. Happy surprises are the best!

Blogger lizziep901 said...

Sweetie!!! That is just wonderful! I am so excited for you!! My ass-vice?? Take lots of preggie pics and keep a journal. AND ASK FOR HELP!!! Good luck!!!

Blogger Silly Hily said...

Hehe. That made me tear up and laugh and smile and grin all over again.
Lurve you!

And that's one mighty gorgeous/handsome belly bean you've got there.

Blogger M J said...

In the epic words of Hilary, "OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!!"

That is a great story! You are going to have to put your whole blog in the baby book now...

Blogger Isabel said...

What a cute post. It made my heart feel so good.

And the picture is too cute. I can tell already that this baby is very adorable (and loved).


Blogger Erika said...

Are you going to tell the viewers?!?!? I know it's too early but just wondering.

Blogger Lizzy in the City said...

That's awesome!
I remember our OB appointments like they were yesterday.
Similar to my wedding gown fittings, I miss my monthly OB appointments. I mean, it's totally different to have the baby actually here and shaking his triangle rattle on the livingroom floor as I type.
But when I was pregnant, he was all mine and I didn't have to share him. And every month I got to hear his heartbeat or see him (he waved, too!).
So many congratulations to you and your hubby.

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