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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Kicking KFed to the Kurb
Why don't you join me in a rousing chorus of "Hallelujah!"

Britney Jean Spears has finally cut off the cancerous wart otherwise known as Kevin Federline. I swear, I could never understand what she saw in this guy. He's been gross from the beginning... greasy, smoky, sneering, and oh lord, have you heard him rap? Here's a sample lyric:

"Way back, they call me KFed. But you can call me Daddy instead."

Uh, yeah. He might be "Daddy" to four children under age four... but he's singing a new tune now. Poor thing. Hope he's been saving all the money he's made on that new album (snicker) 'cuz I hear BritBrit has a nice, binding pre-nup.

I do feel sorry for the kids... I really do. And while I hope that Britney makes a stellar comeback, I also hope she will avoid men of the trailer trash/backup dancer/moocher variety in the future. Also, girl, please invest in some iron-clad birthcontrol. I'm thinking condoms, the Pill, and maybe an IUD would be a good idea.

Just sayin'.


Anonymous Jill said...


Blogger Silly Hily said...

Okay, you totally have the best Britney divorce post on the internet! And I'm so jealous. I couldn't think of anything cleaver to write. I just posted as fast as I could b/c I was so excited when I heard the news. I feel bad for the kids too BUT let's face the facts, might they be better off WITHOUT K-Fed around all the time. I mean really, it might not be such a bad thing. I mean, it's not their fault he's their father. Poor boys.
I'm so happy and proud of Brit!

Blogger goldmoon said...

And can you believe how much better she already looks?? It's like K-Fed had her white trash-hypnotized!

Blogger Liz said...

can you STAND the notion that KFed is actually petitioning for sole custody?
...because he's obviously proven himself to be Father of the Year...

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