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Friday, May 19, 2006
Reason # 359215 why I am crazy
Can I let you in on a little secret about me? I have a real problem making decisions. And not just big decisions. Even the garden variety stuff.

Case in point: I wanted to take my mom out to dinner for Mother's Day. She was coming up to our area, so I give her the local options: Hibachi grill, Ruby Tuesday, cute little Italian place, etc. She says, "Honey, since you know all these restaurants, just pick one!" Ugh.

I have no idea WHY, it's just hard to decide. Am I concerned about making a choice that everyone will like? Am I just so freaking lazy that I don't want to be bothered? Or do I just like being a follower rather than a leader sometimes?

(p.s. After me threatening to just get McDonalds, Mom picked. Hibachi grill, by the way. Yum. Great choice, Mom.)

Fast forward to this morning. Now that we're gonna have some extra money we're moving ahead with our plans to build a patio. Yay! For a number of reasons (cost, maintenance, aesthetics, etc) we're going with stamped concrete. It's so cool, because it looks just like a real slate or stone patio, but it's at least 50% cheaper and easier to care for.

Anyway, I insisted that the concrete sales guy come by our house again, when my husband was home, so we could pick out the pattern and colors we wanted. Can you see what's coming?

Here's me, hunched over a book of 50 colors, head spinning, saying, "they all look the SAME." "How will I know what they look like in real life?" "Do you think this color will work with our siding color?" "Jason, can't you just pick?" "Waaahhhhhhhhh!"

It got so bad that:

Sales guy: (handing me the design form) "Write down 'pebble brown.' That is the color you're going with."

Me: "I am? Did I pick that out?"

Sales guy: "No. I picked that out."

Me: "Are you sure I'll like it?"

Sales guy: "You'll like it cause I'll SAY you'll like it."

Me: (to Jason) "Honey, what do you think?"

Jason: (pulling out clumps of hair) "Yes, that's what we are going with. Not because I know what it'll look like. But because you need to SHUT UP."

I have issues. It's okay. I know it. And now you do, too. :)

(p.s. I did let the sales guy pick the colors. He selected pebble brown for the base and pueblo tan for the antiquing. I think it'll look great. I hope. If not, I am totally blaming him.)


Blogger Silly Hily said...

I am the exact.same.way! Seriously. Do you know how hard it was to build our house? I never knew there were so many decisions to make. What color roof, brick, morter (sp?), paint, trim. What kind of floor and what color. What kind of patio and driveway. Don't get me started on lighting fixtures...that guy was ready to kill me.
I hope you like what the guy picked out. Let us know when it's done. Or better yet, pictures...we need pictures.

Blogger janet said...

my parents just re-did their patio with "patterned concrete" - I'm guessing that's the same thing? they LOVE it! so, good choice. Pebble brown sounds fab, too :)

Blogger AnnaBana said...

Ha! I'm sure it'll look great--I love stamped concrete, it's a great low cost alternative.

I just read your earlier post, and my husband and I have the exact same schedule as you will, I work regular hours, he works noon to 9:30...and it's totally fine! It's just SUPER important that at least we make sure we get our weekends together - no plans made that don't include both of us. We have enough time during the week to work on our own friends, that we're able to dedicate the weekends to eachother. You'll be fine, I'm sure!

Blogger Reesh said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. The name of the song I used in the montage was Ballad For My One True Love by Mason Jennings. He wrote it for his wife when she was pregnant with their twins. It's such a beautiful song. I wish my husband would write me a song!

Blogger Kimpossible said...

I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying the reading. I have the same problem with deciding anything. Simple dinner plan making can be quite a trial in our household, lol. Is that a Himilayan (sp?) cat in those pics?Also, I love Howard Stern. Got Sirius just for him.

Blogger KellyF said...

Ann... I am so glad to hear that the schedule works out for you guys. Will Jeff still be on that shift once the baby comes? Speaking of that... when's your due date? We need updated belly pics!

Blogger KellyF said...

Hi Reesh,

I've enjoyed reading your blog so far! Another one to keep me away from doing some actual work!

Thanks for the song title... I'm definitely gonna buy that CD. It's amazing.

Blogger KellyF said...

Kim... Yep, my kitty's a Himalayan. We actually adopted him from a shelter. Best cat EVER!

As for Howard, I never listened to him when he was on terrestrial radio. Then my husband got Sirius and I started to listen. It definitely makes my 40 minute drive to work a lot more fun. :)

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