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Thursday, April 20, 2006
Donate your lunch, save a life
Ok, so by now you probably know that I am a news anchor and reporter. I do stories every day... but some just really tug at your heart. Such was the case Wednesday, when I met a little boy named Jared.

He's only 4 years old, but Jared's already been through so much. He was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer, at age 2. Thankfully he seems to be in remission, but the disease has a high incidence of relapse. Now his mom is promoting a fundraising effort called Lunch for Life. The idea is, you donate what you'd usually spend on a lunch... to fund research on neuroblastoma, which has no cure.

I just felt such a connection with this family. I loved meeting and interviewing them, and was so sad to hear of all the kids who weren't as lucky as Jared. Please check out the Lunch for Life website, and maybe give a few dollars if you can.

If you'd like to watch my news report on Jared, you can see it here. Just click on "video" to see Jared's story. And, in case you're wondering, I am the news anchor who introduces the story, as well.


Blogger Meg said...

OMG, that story is just heartbreaking. What a brave little boy! Wow!

And I'm so envous of you. You're georgous and you have ANCHOR HAIR. I'll forever want anchor hair, but alas, it's just not meant to be. And I'm amazed, you're in Harrisburg! I grew up in Hagerstown Md. Just down the road.

Great blog, thanks for sharing!

Blogger jessica said...

Thanks for sharing that story. What an adorable little guy.

And, how cool is your job? I mean you have that perfect news anchor/reporter voice and everything! and the hair and the clothes and stuff, man I'm jealous!

Blogger AnnaBana said...

That is so sad. I have a fear that my baby will have some awful disease just like that.

On a lighter note, it was really fun to see you in action!

Blogger Silly Hily said...

With small children (yup, plural) of my own now, it's so hard for me to hear about stories like these. My heart literally breaks for the children and the parents b/c I can't possibly imagine having to deal with something like that.

You? Are freakin' GORGEOUS!

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