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Friday, April 07, 2006
Taking a cue from Janet and sharing my loves and hates of the day.

LOVE: My husband will be home in 3 (count 'em!) THREE days! Wow it's been awhile... can't wait to see him!

HATE: Trying to memorize a script in one day, to fill in as Rizzo in Grease: The Musical, this weekend. Acting is fun, but this last minute understudy stuff is hell!

LOVE: My golden retriever Sophie. I took her to her first dog obedience class today and she was wonderful! :)

HATE: Sophie's hair. My goodness I could create a whole new dog out of all the hair she sheds!

LOVE: A TV-station-that-shall-remain-nameless is interested in interviewing me for a job! Squeee!

HATE: Trying to get in touch with the hiring manager at aforementioned station to set up aforementioned interview... they are always so busy and I hate to leave messages!

LOVE: The rain. Just had our lawn overseeded yesterday and I didn't need to do the whole sprinkler deal, since mother nature handled it for me!

and one final LOVE: the maid. I am blogging right now, while she cleans up Sophie's hair and dusts. Best $60 EVER spent.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Blogger Silly Hily said...

I've watched that movie so many times I wouldn't even need to study lines to play Rizzo. Swear.
Good luck with the new station interview. Hope everything goes well b/c you sound major excited about it!
That is some good spending of $60.

Blogger janet said...

I feel like maybe our blogger friend Sarah has a cocker spaniel named Sophie too. Or maybe I am hallucinating?

Yay that hubby comes back so soon! And fingers crossed for your job prospects. Glad you have a one page resume :)

Hate: cleaning my own house. Maybe I need a maid. I am going to seriously look into this...

Blogger Isabel said...

Can I borrow your maid?


I'm not above begging.

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