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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Holy crap. Say it ain't so.
One word for you, Kevin Federline. VASECTOMY. Please. VASECTOMY.

US Weekly is reporting that Britney Spears is, in fact, pregnant with Kevin Federline's spawn. According to US:

"Britney Spears, 24, couldn’t hide her pregnancy any longer when she showed up poolside at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas this weekend, sporting a red bikini and a serious bump. The singer is expecting her second child with husband Kevin Federline, 28, sources have confirmed to Us. The couple have been married since September 2004 and have a seven-month-old child, Sean. Federline has a daughter, Kori, 3, and a 21-month -old son, Caleb, from a previous relationship. Spears’ 1999 debut album sold more than 10 million copies. " If this is really true... what the hell is wrong with this girl? She can't even be trusted to put on some fucking shoes and strap her son in the damn carseat. How can she possibly care for another baby? Oh, I forgot. The nanny. The one who put little Sean P. in the highchair that nearly killed him.

Ya'll remember when Britney said she wanted to raise her kids herself and not rely on nannies? Ha. And also... I cannot get images of K. Fed's yucky moist armpits outta my mind. Every picture I see, he's in the wifebeater with the pits showing. Excuse me now while I go throw up a little. God, those poor children.


Blogger AnnaBana said...

LOL. You get funny when you're pissed off!

I TOTALLY AGREE with you, he disgusts me as well. He is a pathetic mooch.

Blogger jessica said...

And remember why hese pregnancy rumors went away a few weeks ago? It was because she was drinking all night in Vegas. What a good Mom.

Blogger janet said...

yeah jess I remember the boozing thing. So brit and the nannies will be dealing with 4 kids under age 4 plus their pre-adolescent father. GREAT. and brit is gonna make a comeback someday? riiiight

Blogger Silly Hily said...

I'm totally barfing with you! I saw yesterday morning that US was reporting "it's true."
Where's that Bobbit chick when we need her?

Blogger Silly Hily said...

Okay, she's totally pregnant. She announced it. Where are you?

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