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Thursday, February 23, 2006
This... is American Idol
My name is Kelly, and I'm addicted to American Idol. There, I said it. I am the Tivo queen... lots of times we just let a TV show record and then watch it later when we have time. But I MUST see American Idol live. I can't stand to wait.

The audition episodes are pretty good, but this is when I get excited. I LOVE hearing the live performances (maybe this is because I sing myself) and seeing how good these people really are.

Now that we've seen the guys and girls do their first song, I already hve a couple of favorites. And yes, I'm going to share them. Warning... if you hate AI, and you've read this far, you might want to stop here. Or you might seriously start to hate me. And we don't want that, do we?

With that, here are Kelly's Top Five AI Favorites! (for now, until one pisses me off by singing something dumb).

Chris Daughtry

Chris is my number one fave so far. I love rock and alternative, and he has an amazing voice. He doesn't miss a note and his voice has a sexy, gravelly edge to it. Doesn't hurt that he seems super sweet and is pretty hot. Love him.

Katharine McPhee

My favorite girl. Katharine is beautiful, and sounds beautiful. She never seems like she is trying too hard. She just comes off as a girl who loves music, and who makes great music. She sang "Since I Fell for You" and was amazing. Liked her a lot, since her first audition.

Taylor Hicks
Okay, this guy isn't your typical AI contestant. But he's got something special. Very unique, amazing voice, just seems to have SOUL. He lives for the music and is a fabulous entertainer. Taylor almost seems like a professional already. He's gonna go far.

Ace Young

He's gorgeous, he's sweet, he sure can sing. Oh, he may also be gay, but I couldn't care less. When he sang George Michael's "Father Figure" I was in love. The boy's got "it."

Paris Bennett

Paris is so adorable. I love her squeaky speaking voice, and how it just blossoms when she sings. She is amazing for her age, and I can't wait to hear what she will sing next.

So that's my American Idol post. If I had to guess who will go home tonight... the two girls would be Stevie Scott and Heather Cox. The boys who go would be Bobby Bennet and David Radford. We'll see tonight!


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