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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Happy Friday (to me)
Even though it's technically Wednesday, I don't work again until Saturday morning. So HAPPY FRIDAY! Big plans for my two days off include cleaning our house...
and snuggling with my puppy dogs... here's a pic of my Golden Retriever Sophie, at about 4 months old. She's 6 months now and weighs 55 pounds! My girl is big boned, okay?!?

And of course, what would a few days off be without my sweet hubby. Hope to do a little "snuggling" with him too!

Next time I post, I'll have some fabulous pictures of what I like to call COOKIE PORN. These are some fabulous pictures of our annual Christmas Cookie baking. My mom, sister, grandmom and I get together at my house to bake up goodies. But somehow, my sister and I always end up making some of the sugar cookies... shall we say... anatomically correct? :) Oh yes, the dough was (ahem) rising... and I have the pics to prove it. Promise to post those next time!


Blogger AnnaBana said...

What a pretty house! And you and your husband are such cuties. Happy "Friday" to you, and now that it's real Friday, I can say Happy Friday to me, too!
Hope you've enjoyed your days off!

Blogger goldmoon said...

What a cute dog!!!

And look forward to the cookie porn. That's hilarious.

Blogger Isabel said...


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