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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
All about me... kinda
Feeling sort of bored and looking for a little fun to occupy my time. Since I don't have the cookie porn pics here at work to upload (I mean, who keeps pictures of cookies with well-shaped penises and breasts on their work computers?) I thought I'd do a little survey that I got tagged with.

So here goes.... FOUR THINGS.

1)Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought: combos, gas, sandwich, water

2)Name Four Drinks You Regularly Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper, Iced Tea, Water, Coke

3)Last Time You Cried: During King Kong. What a freakin' depressing movie. Poor monkey!

4)What's In Your CD Player: Ben Folds "Rockin' the Suburbs"

5)What's Under Your Bed: Nothing, except dust bunnies and some pet hair

6)What Time Did You Wake Up Today: 6:30

7)Current Hair: ponytail

8)Current Clothes: white tuxedo shirt, black pants

9)Current Desktop Picture: Jason and me on our wedding day

10)Current Worry: Looking for a possible new TV anchoring job since my current contract is up this spring.

11)Current Hate: Crowds. Humans just remind me of a bunch of swarming ants sometimes.

12)Favorite Places To Be: at home, snuggling with my honey

13)Least Favorite Place: depending on the day... at work

14)If You Could Play An Instrument, it would be: piano and guitar

15)Favorite Colors: fall colors, like red, yellow and orange

16)How Tall Are You: 5'2"

17) Favorite expression: "I'm not bitter."

18)One Person From Your Past You Wish You Could Go Back And Talk To: my great-aunt Vera

19)Favorite Day(s): My weekends, and Thanksgiving

20)Where Would You Like To Go: Australia and Italy

21)Where do you want to live when you get married: already married, but wanna live close to our families.

22)Favorite food: PASTA. I am totally addicted to the stuff

23)Color of most clothes you own: black, blue, and cream

24)Number of pillows you sleep with: 1

25)What do you wear when you go to sleep: on a god night, nothing :)

26)What were you doing 12AM last night: sleeping!

27)How old will you be in 10 yrs: 35. holy crap.

28)What do you think you'll be doing in 10 years: Hopefully will be a mom and anchoring for a major TV market (Philly, Baltimore, or D.C.)

29)Have you ever had braces: no

30)Are you paranoid: not usually

31)Do you burn or tan: tan very well

32)What is the brand of your wallet: wilson's leather

33)First piercing/tattoo: ears

34)First enemy: this mean boy named Kelly in elementary school. he told me Kelly wasn't allowed to be a girl's name.

35)Last person you yelled at: can't remember the last time I yelled.

36)Last thing you ate: Pear

So that's a little more about me. Promise to post the cookie porn pics ASAP. Oh and I have another cool story about work to share. This week I got to be in the operating room for an OPEN HEART SURGERY. Totally freaking cool. More details later. That's all for now, kids!


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