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Saturday, December 31, 2005
I'm such a bad blogger
I haven't done so well with updating over, oh the past two weeks. Obviously everyone's busy with the holidays, so I hope I didn't lose my three readers (*grin*) with my lack of writing.

Truly, there's not too much going on that merits an update. Had a fabulous Christmas. Jason and I visited 5 places over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We also spoiled each other rotten... lots of Christmas goodies! My big gift was a gorgeous Tahitian black pearl necklace. I love it! My sweet husband definitely did good. Unfortunately, the holiday ended with me feeling like crap on Christmas night. I caught a terrible cold and ended up having to take a few days off work this week.

I hope ya'll really whoop it up tonite for New Year's Eve. What, you ask, am I doing to ring in the New Year? Sleeping. Yea, I am super boring. BUT I have a reason. I need to wake up tomorrow morning and get to work. (I anchor a weekend morning news show, and it starts at 8 am. Meaning that I wake up at 4 am to get to work. That's not a typo. I wake up at 4) There's no way I am staying up until midnight just to say "Happy New Year"... when it will mean I will get less than 4 hours of sleep. So it looks like a quiet evening for us.

With that, I'll just say, "See ya next year!" I hope 2006 lives up to all your hopes and dreams!


Blogger janet said...

you get up every Sunday at 4 am? I'm so sorry! But I suppose that is how it works in the news business! I had to get up at 3:45 AM to make my flight home and it was not too fun. Happy New Year! and post of pic of your new necklace?? :)

Blogger AnnaBana said...

Hey, at least you had a good excuse to stay at home, and you weren't invited to a big fun party but ended up staying home and watching Law and Order like a big dud for no reason! (Ahem, not me, I swear...)
Anyway! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, and I agree with Janet--post a picture of the necklace!!
PS- Yes, I did get the PPB bag!! And I exchanged it for the one I really want the next day, and I'm a big nerd and walk around the house with it on my shoulder pretending I actually have a need for it already...

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