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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Get this!
My station is sending me to New York next week for a taping of Celebrity Jeopardy. I'll get to meet a bunch of people, including Carson Kressley, Martin Short, Regis Philbin, Susan Lucci, Nancy Grace, Joely Fisher, and Paul Shaffer from the David Letterman Show.

I am sooo psyched! We get complete backstage access and I'll interview all the celebs for a special story that I'll put together (since we're an affiliate that airs Jeopardy they're hooking us up, big time).

Isn't that cool?


Anonymous janet said...

awesome! that sounds about 4 billion times cooler than my job right about now....I hope Carson does something inappropriate yet hilarious in front of you, just so you have a good story to tell :)

Blogger KellyF said...

Yeah, but I am so stressing now about WHAT TO WEAR! I can't disappoint Carson in the fashion department, you know??

Blogger Silly Hily said...

Dude! That is way cool.
Don't worry about what to wear. I'm sure he will think your beauty is all but glow worthy, no matter what you wear.
I watched Nancy Grace all the time during the Laci Peterson story.
Feel free to whore my blog out to any of the celebrities who like readin on their down time. I'm easy like that. :-) Like these people have down time.

That's awesome! Now you can have more celebrity interview stories, beyond the Ethan/satellite interview. ;-)

Blogger CPA Mom said...

Wow!! Can I go? I promise I won't speak unless spoken too. I promise I won't even look like I know you so you can stay cool. I'll just hang out in the background. I am a nerd because I'm all about the JEOPARDY! baby!

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