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Monday, June 05, 2006
Blogging from home
So I usually leave for work around 8:30a.m. That way, I can make the drive without having to ride anyone's ass and I can get to work about 10 minutes before I actually am required to be there.

But today, it all went to hell. Check out how this morning unfolded.

6:30am: Wake up
6:35am: Iron Jason's clothes (I am the best wife ever!!)
6:45am: Eat some cereal, ponder a trek downstairs to run on the treadmill before work
7:00am: Flip on TV
7:15am: I have to watch the rest of Adoption Story on Discovery (yes, I am a geek). Ponder how I might be able to still get in a few minutes on the treadmill.
7:16am: Eh, fuck it.
7:30am: Wipe my teary eyes as the show ends (geekazoid)
7:31am: Shit, I've gotta get in the shower.
7:33am: But wait, why not check my email first?
7:50am: Ok, so I checked my blogroll too. MUST SHOWER NOW!
7:51am: Shower
8:00am: Finished showering, time to slap on some makeup
8:15am: Makeup's done, but crap! Only 15 minutes to finish hair, dress, grab lunch, and get out the door!
8:16am: But wait! They're talking about something funny on the Today show. Must watch.
8:20am: Blow dry hair in a frenzy.
8:25am: Hair looks like crap, but it's dry. WHY don't I have a job where I can just look like crap and not have to care??
8:30am: Throw on suit with the least amount of wrinkles.
8:31am: Grab my work bag.
8:32am: Dammit! Dogs need to go outside before I leave or I'll get a great surprise later!
8:34am: Dogs have emptied their tanks.
8:35am: Made it to the car! Opening door! Throwing bag in the car! Grabbing my keys!
8:40am: Having searched the entire house, keys are nowhere to be found.
8:41am: Dial husband at work. "Hey hon, I need you to check and see if you have my keys."
Well, actually, it was more like: "LookRIGHTNOWformykeysIamLATELATELATEyoubetternot havethemsohelpmegod!"
Him: "OK,I'll check."
8:42am: Him: "Oops. Your keys were on the passenger seat of my car. I have both sets of keys. Sorry honey."
8:43am: Realize that husband is at work an HOUR away. Realize that I'm not getting keys anytime soon.
8:45am: Unload car. Change out of suit. Call work. Prepare to nest at home because I ain't going ANYWHERE!

p.s. I should mention that it's probably my fault that the keys were in Jason's car. I rode in there yesterday and probably dropped them. But still. I say HE is the reason why I had to call off today. Yea, his fault. Mmm hmm.

All that effort to get ready, and now no where to go. Sigh.


Blogger janet said...

so how will people watch the news? were you supposed to be on-air today?

Blogger KellyF said...

Luckily today was just a reporting day. I was supposed to be on-air, but I didn't have to anchor.

My boss laughed his ass off when I told him why I couldn't come in. LOL

Blogger AnnaBana said...

Wow, lucky you!! I wish a) I forgot my keys in my husbands car too, and b) that my boss would laugh his ass off at it instead of offering to send someone to pick me up!

The only downside to your little eventful morning, besides getting all ready for no reason, is that now you have no excuse for not doing the treadmill! :)

Blogger Buffy said...

It's always 'his' fault. ;)

Blogger Silly Hily said...

I had a timeline all typed out in my book that I wrote Wednesday before blogger decided to eat it. I'll re-blog it later but just know that Wednesday morning I got two kids and myself ready in under 10 minutes. I am dead serious!
Hope you had a lovely day off!

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