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Friday, September 28, 2007
funny how things turn out
Well, maybe I was obsessing for no reason about my job. It seems that things just worked out on their own. Yesterday my boss called me into her office and let me know that since we can't come to an agreement on my hours, that they aren't going to keep me on the morning newscast.

I could go back to my old schedule, but that obviously isn't happening. I'm not willing to work all day with Aiden in daycare for 10 or 11 hours. I'm not being fired, but since they won't compromise with me about the hours I will work in the mornings, it essentially means that I won't be working here much longer. I suppose that I could potentially work here part-time as a reporter, but they really only want full-time employees right now, so this is probably the end of the road.

I'm a little relieved that I didn't have to make this leap on my own. Even if management had agreed to the hours I requested, we were still considering the possibility of my quitting, just for our family's quality of life. Now, rather than obsess about this, my bosses made the choice easy for me. If I couldn't have the hours I needed, then I'm done here. Simple as that. I guess this is the first thing I can actually thank them for... making my decision easier for me. It's not really tough to walk away when your employer won't compromise with you.

I'm a bit annoyed because they haven't told me when my last day will be on the morning news. I am guessing that they may want me to keep me in this position until a new anchor is hired, but that could take months. Jason and I have yet to discuss how long I want to be here. On one hand, it would be nice to get my paycheck for a few more months, but we're seriously needing some sleep and Jason is like a zombie at work because Aiden's waking up early every day (to the tune of 2 or 3 am) and keeping Daddy awake for hours.

We have lots of discussion ahead of us! Maybe we'll get a chance to chat during our anniversary dinner this weekend. Yep, on a bright note, today is our fourth anniversary! Last year, I made a very special announcement here on this blog on our anniversary, about the very best gift we could give each other. I must say that gift... our son... just keeps on giving. He may have brought about some drastic changes to our life, changes that are both exciting and nerve-wracking, but we are so grateful for our family.

I'm so excited, and definitely nervous, about the many big changes ahead for our family. It's gonna be fun to see what transpires!


Blogger Rachel said...

Everything happens for a reason!!

Happy Anniversary!!

Blogger L Sass said...

Ha! I guess that makes your employer's level of support for you crystal clear. It's really sad that they're being so ridiculous.

But, if you look back through your posts on this issue, long before Aiden was born, you'll see that a big part of you has always wanted to devote more time to being his mom. So, I have no doubt that this will be the right choice for your family.

Happy Anniversary!!

Blogger Lucky Gem said...

You are going to love staying home. And Congrats on your bosses making the decision for you. I hate making decisions.

Anonymous Melissa said...

I'm sure Aiden will love spending more time with you!
Happy Anniversary! :)

Anonymous Liz said...

Happy anniversary! I can't believe it's been a year since you found out about being pregnant. WOW!
As for the job, it's too bad they aren't willing to work with you. I had a similar experience, but I was more like *fired* for having a baby. But I suppose in the industries we're in, respectively, it's hard to be supportive of working moms.
On the bright side: you'll have more time at home with your baby, which is time you'll never get back. It's such a special time for you to be together. They'll be tough days, for sure, but in the end, this is what's best for you and Aiden. So it all works out nicely. Right?

Blogger janet said...

it sounds like you might know what is right for you just have to conquer the ever-present GUILT and go for it. Good luck!

Anonymous Claire said...

Well, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! As a career girl myself, I definitely understand all of your twoing an froing about quitting your job etc. However, you will never get this time back with Aiden - and it is great that you are in a position, although it will be hard to lose the paycheck, to enjoy it! Let's face it Kelly, you are obviously a great reporter/ anchor (I have been a bit of a voyeur and checked it out online) and personally, I think you contend with some of the biggies at CNN etc. You are still very young, and there are a lot of things you can get your teeth into whilst being at home as well. If in four or five years you want to go back to work - you will still be able to do it with no problems.

What I like about you is that you are totally honest in your blog, it is great - I hope everything works out for you guys :-) xxx

Blogger Alison said...

It really is great when the world makes a tough decision easy for you. Congratulations and I hope you love staying at home with your little boy.

Anonymous Julie said...

I really think everything happens for a reason. I am glad that things are working out for you. One step at a time and you will be fine.

Like I said, things happen for a reason. I can't figure out the reason it took me so long to finish Aiden's gift, but it is finished. Do not go to my site to see it. I am not even going to tell you when it will be posted, but don't go. You should get it in the mail soon. :)

Blogger Isabel said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys...

And best of luck. It sounds like you have a lot of things to think about!

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