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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Oh holy hell. Adjusting to this morning schedule is definitely kicking my butt right now. I've been up since 2:15am. Needing copious amounts of coffee to function right now. You know what's sort of unfair? Being expected to speak in coherent sentences and look attractive when you should be SLEEPING. Oh well, I asked for it, didn't I?

On another note. I know everyone's been talking about it, but what the hell is wrong with Britney Spears? I just can't understand how she became such a train wreck. I mean, this is the girl who gave us the rhinestone covered nude jumpsuit at the VMA's back in 2000. The girl who made out with Madonna a few years ago. But this performance the other night was just so uninspired. She looked like she was tranquilized. At the very least, she could have flashed her bare ass (it wouldn't be the first time). Or she couldv'e used some magic tricks from her new boyfriend Criss Angel. Anything... something!

Maybe this makes it seem like I care about Brit Brit's career. I really don't... I'm just shocked that a manager or friend or SOMEONE might have clued her in to what a joke that performance was.

Oh, and is anyone watching Rock of Love? That guy Bret Michaels from Poison is sarching for true love (or let's be honest... a quick lay). It's both awful and addicting at the same time. The biatches are crazy... competing for the affections of a washed-up, botoxed, lip gloss wearing rocker. The only girl I really like is Jes. Her pink hair is actually so cool I wish I could do that myself. But she's actually so cute and nice that I don't think she should be with a guy like Bret.

Just read the above paragraph, and om my god I need to get a life. And some sleep. Gah.


Blogger L Sass said...

I know. I was really pulling for Britney, too! How disappointing. Everyone was so willing to give her a chance!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got sucked into watching Rock of Love. It's horrible and yet? I can't NOT watch it.

I hope Jes wins. She's cute and her pink hair is awesome!! Lacey is just a crazy girl...

Blogger Rachel said...

Britney just needs to go back to Louisiana and work on being a mom. That poor girl needs help. Badly. I feel awful for her, she has dealt with quite a bit in last couple of years, but I think she's using it as an excuse now.

I totally watch Rock of Love. Stupid ass show! But, I can't not watch it!!

I also love Jess and her fabulous hair!!

Lacey scares me.

Blogger Amanda said...

I love that show- and I too am pulling for Jes. She is adorable and seems genuine, in a sick reality TV kinda way.

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