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Thursday, August 30, 2007
you're all so nice
A few of you very kindly worried about how I will get any sleep with the potential new job. Thank you all for thinking of me and my health. Truth is, I have given that a lot of thought, and what we've decided is to try it out and worst case, we can always reevaluate later if it doesn't work out.

My plan is to get at least six hours of sleep a night, as well as nap with Aiden in the afternoon when I am at home. Another key part of the plan is showering during the day so that all I need to go when I wake up at about 2:30am is to hit the road. I won't even change clothes or do makeup/hair until I get to work. So, I plan to go to bed at night as soon as I put Aiden down to sleep, by at 8pm at the latest.

Fortunately, Aiden's a very good sleeper (usually 8 hours) then he wakes up, eats, and then sleeps for a few more hours. Jason will obviously be responsible for taking care of any night wakenings and feeding the baby. He'll also be at home with Aiden until the sitter arrives, which would probably be around 7 or 8am. My goal is to get home by noon, so I can relax with Aiden and have some fun, nap for a little bit with him, etc.

Another key component of this is that I will be getting a weekly housecleaning done. I don't want to be overwhelmed with chores and cleaning when I am tired and want to spend time with Aiden. As long as I am making the salary I expect to make (and if I don't, then none of this will pan out) a maid is a critical part of this whole deal.

So, despite all this planning, I don't know if it will all work out well. I can tell you that other women in the TV biz actually prefer this early morning schedule to be able to spend time with their kids. If it ends up working for us, great. If it doesn't, then we already have agreed that I will quit if it's necessary for my mental/physical health.

Someone asked about how TV news works, and it's like this: our station has a 5am and 6 am newscast. Even though a producer works on the newscast for hours prior to it airing, the anchor and reporter can't just come in a 4:50am and go on air ten minutes later. We need to be in the station to read over scripts and assist with writing. Even coming in at 3am for a 5am newscast is cutting it sort of close. So that's the justification for the ungodly hours.

Anyway, gotta run. Work is calling. Meh.


Blogger Kellie said...

Sounds like a good game plan....we're all hoping it works how you want it to. :)

Blogger L Sass said...

You know, this really sounds to me like it could work. There will undoubtedly be some adjustment time as your body gets used to the new schedule (and Jason's and Aiden's), but it seems like it could potentially be the best of both worlds!

Having a cleaning service is also a GREAT idea... and creative solutions for meals and other errands will also be in order.

Good luckĀ”

Blogger Rachel said...

It sounds like you and Jason have a good plan to make this work!! Good luck to you both and I hope that your job comes through with the salary thing!

Anonymous Ella said...

Sounds like you have a plan of action and that's half the battle. Good Luck.

I have another TV question - at the station do you have your own dressing room? Do you do your own hair/makeup or do you have someone dedicated to that?

Anonymous Katie said...

The cleaning service is an awesome idea. I really hope this works out for you.

Blogger Erika said...

It's all in what you get used to. I agree that I think being home in the afternoon/evening is better. I think the housekeeper will help a lot and take a load off your mind.

I have to say that I think your station's viewers would be horrified that they weren't giving you more flexible options especially when you are willing to work part time for a reasonable pay cut. Everyone gets kind of attached to their newscasters and if these viewers watched your pregnancy I would think they would feel a bit protective of you.

Anonymous cady said...

i hope your new schedule and plan works out for you! i don't have kids yet, but i know i wouldn't be able to leave mine for a long time either!

Blogger Isabel said...

I really have nothing to say...I only want to give you my love and support and wish you the best.

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